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2018 has arrived and we’re off to a great start! Lots of busy days between New Year’s and leaving for the winter Market in Atlanta…whew!

My staff and I worked hard for two days to create a new look for the Urban Loft with a new delivery of 20 pieces of furniture. I love partnering with Universal Furniture because they have perfected putting together pure style and pure value. Universal has really hit the mark again. Between the start of January and leaving for Atlanta, we packed a lot into just a few days. I’ll share a little glimpse with you, but you’ll need to stop by and see for yourself to take it all in. There are multiple orders due in back to back, so new treats will await you often when you come in!

One of the most exciting things about this new collection, aside from #purestyle and comfort (well, and price!) is that it is covered in performance fabric, Crypton. This makes the nature of the light color totally pet friendly, child friendly, husband friendly and grandchild friendly! What could be better?! So go ahead, just enjoy it and watch that orange juice pool and roll right off! And with one of our new polypropylene rugs to ground your room, well, perfection!


A grouping of companion casegoods include a coffee table, four end tables and a console to complete the grouping. Wowza.


I decided to use this simple coffee table detail, placing two flat, elongated trays in a natural metal finish, filled with quartz rods and mica stones. Natural and delicious. Stylish. Clean. Tailored. Practical. Beautiful!

I also placed a square tray to compliment the square end table, holding this potted fern and two larger quartz pieces. So urban chic. So hip. So current. These quartz accents are one of the big trends to be following, yet classic. Love. Also loving this performance fabric sofa with a curved back.

During the floor change, I found that using square accents on the four square tables was my first choice. I love how the scale works. Note the white slightly irregular shaped square vessel below. It’s full of our famously real faux succulents and I dropped several bright, glamorous, shiny rocks of mica into it! Succulents + mica = pure style. #ohsosusan

As part of the room setting, this new media unit steals the show. Priced at around $4000, it can house a large screen TV, but also has shelves to display (or hide!) collections of art supplies, unread magazine piles, vintage cake plates, or your heart’s desire.

Another polypropylene rug with #purestyle sets the stage again for practical living. The natural hair on hide chair compliments perfectly the cozy style of this room surrounded by natural Bucks County stone for charm and historical beauty.

Slide the barn doors towards the center to conceal the TV and expose the display shelves. (Sorry for the over exposure from the afternoon sun — one of the few sunny days since Christmas!) I took a small vessel and filled it with local wood cuts and added a tall glass cylinder vases with some of my favorite greens. Very organic and full of nature’s pure style.

At the top of the stairs, you’ll find a cozy room wrapped in historic stone with delicious light from windows high and low. This 60″ round table is paired with 4 urban chairs. Games. Dinner. Puzzles. Study. What will you use it for? Yet another well-priced faux bois rug sits here and our new pillow rack displays multiple options for your needed update. Hues of aquas accent the neutral palette and add interest and drama. I love the lamp placed high for accent color and light, I love the graphic design of the rug…yes,  another of my large collection of polypropylene rugs for you to take home today or order in another size.


Here’s a closeup look at the pillow selection and accessories. So excited about setting up this pillow gallery for instant updates!

That’s a preview of the new updated Urban Loft showroom. I’d love to walk you through it personally, so stop by for your own guided tour and take it all in!

My CFO, Linda and I are at our Winter Market in Atlanta. I’ll be documenting new finds and exciting directions the next week (and sometimes, I have to show the bad with the good…). There’s a little bit of entertainment and trend setting ideas. We’re shopping the first part of the week for Christmas 2018 (yes, really). Stay tuned for some fun updates and follow the week long escapades of two fun gals who love to find the best and greatest things for Black-eyed Susan!

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