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One deciding factor for your accent wall design could be color. Color unifies a grouping in a very strong statement. Let’s look a several examples of unifying your accent wall using color.

This basically neutral room comes alive with the addition of these two bold pieces of art. Two images, one color. Size, strong contrast and color all add to the success of this selection. It’s a winning formula!

The image below uses similar colors between art pieces to tie one to the other. A palette of blue hues, with the addition of chartreuse-y yellows, builds interest and pulls the pieces of the puzzle together as an interesting grouping. The placement is interesting and a bit unexpected! Repeated colors give a strong tie to the collection.


In this case, using one unifying color — bold chrome yellow — makes a collection of vintage frames spotlighting children’s art important. Even high gloss chrome yellow! #purestyle #colorcrush. Love.


In the recent design of my Urban Loft showroom at Black-eyed Susan, I did something similar with a favorite collection of vintage Old Master’s frames, using our Amy Howard chalk paint and assorted waxes. Leaned, layered and grouped together, these beauties are some of my personal favorites.

Find a common factor to tie your wall decor collection together. For these examples, COLOR sings the language of #purestyle. Get your own mojo going with a color to make your room pop!

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