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To continue on with Gallery Wall visions, there are just a few other ideas to consider.

An empty stairwell is the perfect place for a collection of like framed pieces…here, photographs have been selected, all in black and white. Again, unity in size, framing, and color, all three specifications make this work. Although we can’t see the entire wall, it’s a sure thing that this accent wall is filled from top to bottom. The view is appreciated from the top of the landing , as well as climbing the stairs. Great design, The impact would not be the same if we had chosen to use 4 or 6 pieces, It’s the whole collection that makes it interesting and gives it the powerful statement.

Here’s another vision I borrowed from Pinterest, This happens to be a favorite of mine as well…start collecting vintage window frames in similar sizes, or, mix them up in size. The original finishes remain as part of the personality. This is another design that works well in large empty wall spaces such as this double story stairwell. The interest of the window frames (glass removed) takes the place of exotic trims and become the architectural element needed for interest.

Careful placement and design will be important here, and a bit challenging. You’ll need a patient installer and a large level! It’s a great look and classic for a cottage style accent wall. Don’t be afraid to mix is up with a bit of a modern touch for a different slant.

You could consider painting more ornate frames all one color, using the Amy Howard Chalk Paint, as shown in one of the previous posts about Gallery Walls. All in all, this look is a personal favorite and adds charm and personality to many spaces.

The last area I will cover is the use of Gallery Design around a wall mounted TV. This is often an area of concern for my clients, It takes some careful planning to make sure the distraction level is low. The correct symmetry , minimal color. Use some personal artifacts, like the “F” and the oval street numbers. I love the clock without hands. The TV acts as a great placeholder to ground the rest of the design. I love a man who allows a bit of fresh greenery to overlap the tiniest corner of the screen!

Here is an example of a bit simpler design. Personal phrases (scripture in this case) has special significance to this family’s values. I love the addition of the three baskets to the right and the botanical prints to the left. In my opinion, there might be a bit too much in front of the TV for practicalities, but overall, it’s an interesting approach.

Accent walls should be as personal as you can dream. Any space you choose can work . Take some time to think where you want to apply one of these ideas and start designing! It will be rewarding, personal, and #purestyle !

As you have successes in your own Accent Wall, send me your photos! I’ll write a post around your ideas. There are generally several Gallery Walls worked into my retail visuals at Black-eyed Susan for sheer inspiration, or for purchasing the entire thing!

I’ll be thrilled to see your designs!


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