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Gallery walls are a personal statement that often defines the family dynamics, or the moxie of a single professional. It’s a broad subject, so I’d like to take this week to talk about several directions your gallery wall could be presented. When I speak of a gallery wall, it could just be one large statement piece or an entire wall of collectibles and tender memories.

Once again, gallery walls are all about perfect placement! Gather your collection and begin to play with the arrangement somewhere where you can lay it out , using the same parameters that you will be using for your installation. When you are happy with the layout (loads of examples and do’s and don’ts to follow!) , take a photo with your phone and print it. Take exact measurements of your margins, and you will have a legend for a pattern.

This is an example you may have seen on my Instagram page Besusanstyle. I laid out my arrangement once I knew the available space above a bed. I played considerably with the design for that perfect placement. Take time with this. You want something balanced, yet unexpected.  Perfect.

Then, I took my measurements (I love my Samsung Note cell phone for this!) It looks like my photo cropped some of my measurements, but you will want the total width and total height. Then take measurements that will mean something to you when you begin to take one, then another item away. Each item that leaves the floor for hanging with make your pattern more important. This formula of pattern making really works. While this tutorial doesn’t apply to tonight’s post, it will make sense and be useful in the posts to come.

Whether your gallery wall comprises of one piece, two pieces, or an entire collage of objects and art, this legend will be necessary in the success of your end result and perfection!

Let’s start our series with the use of quotes, phrases and poetry. I love them all. While there can be some overused phrases at your favorite home store, you have the possibility to make this kind of art as meaningful and personal as your design mind can dream.

Some of your personal designs will be the simple placement of a single statement piece. Quotes and phrases are very stylish presently. Choose your font carefully for the exact statement and personality that appeals to you and speaks the language of your style!

Below is an example of vinyl lettering. Select a favorite quote or phrase and you can find multiple options on Etsy or Pinterest to have it printed in a select font and color. The size of your font will be determined by the footprint of the space you have selected. Don’t be afraid to take up a 60″ space as the example below shows. A little drama in your sizing will make it unique and totally yours.

Over-sized framed hand written thoughts are a great way to add an intimate and personal space for a family theme or a personal mantra. Something inspiring, humorous, or a reminder for success can all be options. Find a friend who has a great handwriting if you need help! A child’s writing could be appropriate for certain choices. Make sure that you select a writing implement with a bold enough stroke. Use matt board, foam chore or even glass to write on. Be creative in every way from your medium to the thought expressed. These can easily be changed along with your progress or motivation.

Quotes are tender and meaningful. Frame them in a vintage frame, a modern one from your favorite big box store…or a re-purposed one from something you aren’t using. Print it on an over-sized printer, or make your own computer file and have an office supply store print it for you on a large format printer. The possibilities are limitless!

An entire paragraph from a favorite children’s book, or a single quote from one of your favorite poets…find your dream and use it as significant art.

Put some time into your selection to make the most impact and enjoy the journey! Children’s rooms….home office….mudroom…kitchen…great room…foyer-there isn’t a bad option in the bunch. Have fun with your own creation!




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