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Another long day of Christmas 2018 designing and selecting has ended! We placed our order today for the 2018 stories…to be revealed in October 2018. Email me your wish list and we can meet to discuss what rocks your style.

I sent an email out last night regarding your special orders for your own Christmas delights, offering to preorder these darlings (talked about on my personal house tour in my December blog) from sooooooo many color options! These babies are some of my favorite little magic tricks, with that #ohsosusan style touch, so versatile and so full of #purestyle.

There’s not just one blue to choose from, but 13 or 15! Same with pinks, reds, whites, oranges, greens,….well, you get the picture! It’s like being a kid in a candy store!

delightful colors from The Whitehurst Company


In the Whitehurst showroom, I snapped this quick photo of inspiration, showing size options and multiple color choices. Oh. My. Love.

The Whitehurst Company’s showroom … soooo inspiring!

And this is only a few of the selections! I’ll have my sample box in the next few weeks and you can call to make an appointment to stop by and pick out your color favorites.

Day three is fast approaching, so stay tuned for more Style Watch!

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