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Susan’s Frozen Cheesecake Recipe! Oh. My.

Susan’s Frozen Cheesecake Recipe! Oh. My.

Susan’s Cheesecake

First of all, I apologize to all of my fans who requested this recipe before Thanksgiving….oh. my. Really? I’m just a bit behind! #Obviously

This recipe has been in my family since I was a very young child. My darling mother was well known for her baking and entertaining touch. For the 95 years of my father’s life, it remained my his favorite dessert and I will tell you there were many that made it into the recipe archives from this woman!

There are a few tricks I will pass on to you for to ensure success. I’ll start by revealing that this delight is a raw egg based dessert, so if you are one who is fearful of this, it may not be for you. With that comment, I have never had a problem with this!

The recipe also involves whipped egg whites and heavy whipped cream. The secret to success is incorporating the egg whites and whipped cream successfully without breaking down the batter. If you use too heavy a hand in doing this step, your cheesecake will be flat and not full and fluffy. It’s really imperative that you take care in the folding process. With that in mind, it is a quick and easy, wonderfully received dessert that I hope will become one of your favorites as it is ours!  I almost always make a double recipe and it will feed many. It is rich and can be frozen into small individual paper cups, or a large spring form pan. Take it out of the freezer about 10 minutes prior to serving an return to the freezer as soon as the servings are finished! Another good note, this dessert is perfect for gluten intolerance! Just one more gold star for this confection.

Charlotte Jane’s (Susan’s mother) Frozen Cheesecake

1 8oz package of cream cheese

1 cup sugar

3 eggs, separated

i cup heavy whipping cream

2 tsp vanilla

1/4 tsp salt

prepared graham cracker crumbs

Begin by separating the eggs. You will use the egg whites and yolks at different times. Soften cream cheese and beat till fluffy. Add the sugar and beat until well incorporated and fluffy. Add the egg yolks, one at a time and beat well after each addition. Add the vanilla and salt.

In separate bowls, whip the egg whites still stiff. Beat them well, as too soft an egg white will collapse while folding into the batter. In another bowl, whip the heavy cream until stiff.

The first folding in will be the heavy cream. Use a delicate hand and be patient! Gently fold in a portion of the cream until most of the cream is well incorporated, but don’t worry if there are a few spots of cream. I usually  split it into two or sometimes three divisions. Next, fold in a portion of the whipped egg whites and gently incorporate again. Add in all remaining cream and egg whites alternately until completed.

If you are using small paper confectionary cups, dust the bottoms of each with the graham cracker crumbs. Fill each with a light hand and spoon to desired fullness. It should be mousse like in consistency. Sprinkle the tops again with graham cracker crumbs and freeze on a steady, level surface. If you are using a spring form pan, follow the same procedure with the graham cracker crumbs.

This recipe needs a full 12 hours to freeze, so plan ahead!

So sorry for the tardy response, but I hope it’s a delight on many of your Christmas and Hanukkah tables this season!



Susan’s Style File: High Point Market 2017

Susan’s Style File: High Point Market 2017

Each October Market brings the anticipation of new style directions, color inspirations, and crowds of stylish designers seeking inspiration and beauty! *sigh*

My first appointment was at the Vanguard showroom where we were greeted with three full hours of #purestyle inspiration. While grays and soft creams still dominate the design world, accents of chartreuse, deep plum, and sexy soft pink are here to make their own statement.

This fabulously different ombré finished round coffee table with its mirrored top seriously needs a home in my store! Or, maybe yours…I can arrange that too.


Following the lead from the recent Paris Maison trade show, the showroom boasted influences from the Art Deco era, with soft and sexy curves, mellow colors and fabulous hardware.

This curvy quaint side table is the perfect companion to the ombré coffee table. Oh. My. I’ll take two!


And talk about high style…this chair speaks to my heart. Several colors in the finish available + hundreds of fabrics make this stylish chair one to take note of. Curves, metal accents and sexy legs speak to the Art Deco influence predicted from Paris. Yes!


For the last several markets, pink has been important in color stories for all categories. Whether in upholstery, accessories, art, pillows, or walls, pink is a trending influence, and I, for one, am thrilled!

in this photo from the Vanguard showroom, soft pink upholstery on the bed and bench — with an unexpected touch of pattern and color in the contrasting pillows — makes this room sing with style!

One day behind and several more to come! Follow my Style File reports each day for my favorite picks and “ohsosusan” notes!

A New Look Part III

A New Look Part III

Introducing Susan’s all-new Urban Loft collection! It’s reclaimed, industrial style on a budget. Read about the interior design just unveiled for our Urban Loft living room and dining room, and make sure to stop by our retail store to take it all in!

The third room in our newly restyled Urban Loft features a fabulous canopy bed in a very stylish satin brass finish. Ahhhh!! It’s a real home run for style and comfort, and provides the setting for a cozy, personal hideout. Set against the Bucks County historic stone walls of my retail store, Black-eyed Susan, this room depicts modern yet classic style. Let’s call it “neo-traditional.” Nothing to be afraid of, totally new, yet brimming with a traditional twist. The bed features a partially upholstered headboard and can be used as a platform bed, or one with a box spring and mattress.

There is an entire grouping of companion pieces with a stunning high boy, side tables and console/dresser. Finished in a deep, rich chocolate wood tone, this collection would be a beautiful addition to any restyling, whether it’s a new or old home, a master bedroom or guest room. As you can see, extremely versatile.

I’ve paired it with a lovely Masland leopard print wool area rug, cut to order in size, with an overlay of two hide rugs to lock in #purestyle.

The companion high boy dresser has the same rich satin brass hardware and stretcher runner at the base, and a little extra surprise in the bottom drawer…cedar lining for all your fine cashmere or silk ascots!

Here’s that cedar lined bottom drawer!

Side tables feature a glass top which has a floating drawer, giving room for interesting objects of the heart, perhaps a small tray with a favorite quote.

I’ve paired white and gold toned lamps and accessories to complete the look. Love. Love. Love.

I hope you’ll stop by to see the room for yourself if you live near or in Bucks County! We have the ability to ship furniture all over the U.S. as well, so it can be yours no matter where your roots lie. Bedrooms should be a favorite hangout space. Don’t let your’s become an “I’ll get to that room someday” project! Style, personal, chic, cozy, hip. All words to add to the description of your personal space. Let Black-eyed Susan be the inspiration you need to make it happen.

A New Look Part II

A New Look Part II

Included in the new collection of life-friendly linen finishes for your living room is my new dining collection. Reclaimed, yet refined, this grayed down wood finish is the perfect compliment to an organic-ly chic room setting. Fabulous chairs with exceptional detail can bring #purestyle into your dining space. In a kitchen, or a casual dining room, this set will slip into an easy mix with neutral tones ,but also compliment a punch of color!

This photo gives a good view of the host and hostess chairs. A slipcover look presents a waterfall tailored skirt and a bonus of hidden casters! This chair will allow any hostess to quickly slide out from the table to refill an empty glass or refill the hot bread basket. Perfection.

Note the pleated detail on the back of the side chairs and the interest of the metal frame in a rich bronze finish. That little bit of soft gold/German bronze accent is really trending and can blend with other metals in your home.

Another piece of the dining room collection is this very interesting sideboard. The contrasting light outside casing brings a fresh look to the reclaimed trend. The same beautiful soft bronze hardware has been added to the front as handles. Inside; one drawer with a silver liner and 4 shelves. But don’t think of this console as stricktly a dining piece. It will work just as perfectly as a TV console, sofa table, or room divider. Versatile and stylish!

On the dining table, I used a favorite centerpiece vessel. 52″ long , this aluminum trough is versatile enough to fill with beautiful things from season to season. In this case, I laid a dramatic long phaleanopsis orchid flat in the tray and under-laid it with large botanical leaves. If you look closely at this one, you’ll see water droplets! Perfect! #ohsosusan

While studying the new collection of The Urban Loft, stop to look at the selection of Kitchen Papers! Great for entertaining this summer, a party, or a hostess gift. Chalkboard runners (and chalk pencils for a personal note!) , assorted place mats (the fern motif is a personal favorite), just to name a few. These runners and place-mats make any family dinner more fun and entertaining, spice up a neighborhood gathering, or delight anyone as a thank you gift. With solids, stripes, birthday themes, whimsical birds, or fanciful flowers, you’ll fall for these stylish options and their function. #imafan

So stop in and take it all in…the new dining collection, and the Kitchen Paper collection…it’s a match made in heaven you can really get into!

Bring on the parties and be the centerpiece of #purestyle!

A Fresh New Look!

A Fresh New Look!

After several weeks of high anticipation for our new Urban Loft inventory, and several long days of intense preparation and delivery, styling and detailing, it is ready to unveil!

Susan’s Urban Loft has been quite a success and our first three room settings unveiled last fall sold through with great demand. So….here is another curated collection for you to be inspired by and love just as much as the first! Stop by and take in every detail, imagine it in your home. It’s #purestyle.

You will find two flanking sofas with a contrasting one seated cushion in a delicious graphite gray velvet. Two small chrome-based ottomans flank the chrome trimmed coffee table. Oh. My.

This collection is paired with multiple pieces of striking rustic gray wood, detailed with chrome bands. Wow! Below is a closeup of the coffee table. Take a look at the great accessories on the table…I’m in love with them! Simple finishes, broad leaves and succulent detail complete the look.

All in all, it’s a lovely and inviting look, appealing and comfortable. My staff and I all agree we could just move in up here…a cozy reading nook with seating for a good crowd.

The room is complimented by a coordinating console table, affordably priced and chock full of style and a bit of glam.

For those of you who were familiar with the last room settings of The Urban Loft, you may recall these fabulous pendants, seemingly hanging from mid air…connected to the suspended and beautiful sycamore logs overhead…I was thrilled these still worked into the new plan! I am in love with the new collection of accessories as well! The combination of the circular motion, moss, and succulent detail is engaging and really perfect! It’s amazing how versatile white can be and it has become a staple on my purchasing list for “must haves.”

On the other side of the room you will find these fabulous new stag horn fern bushes. The glossy leaves and motion will fool any botanical expert and you will love them! The color…the shine…the impact is all there.

These new etageres have fabric backs, touch lighting and the boon of closed storage as well. Available in several finishes, these pair with the finish on the other case-goods in the collection and provide the perfect venue for the look of today’s accessory placement…a bit more simple in nature. The use of multiple pieces repeated on various shelves is about intention and #purestyle!

I’ll detail other rooms and collections of The Urban Loft in nights to come…come in and get inspired, take a tour of our newly designed space and talk to Susan in person. Bring and book and get cozy!

It’s all about #purestyle.

Susan’s Guestroom! Progress…*sigh*

Susan’s Guestroom! Progress…*sigh*


While there are still some key ingredients missing in this room, it is getting closer to receiving guests! One year later, my former “storage area” for all things either waiting to be transported or just having been transported, has been cleared out, furniture installed, and a few accessory accents placed. Whew!

Worry not, that drum pendant is soon to be replaced with a fabulous pendant of some kind (to be determined at the upcoming High Point Market!). I have something in mind, but will make a final decision after seeing the latest offerings. But gold tones are filling this room, and my pendant is sure to follow in this finish. Sadly, the deep, rich eggplant tones of the wallpaper and bedding don’t show up perfectly. The rug is key to the palette and it does show the color direction a bit better!

I took a vertical stripe wall paper and ran it horizontally. The darker stripe has just a bit of glimmer to it and it really provides a wow factor! I choose a dark chocolate-y plum velvet for the channeled upholstered bed. It is rich and engaging.

Dark wood sets the stage for a beautiful contrast for the brushed brass hardware, table legs, and stretcher on the dresser. Tall, slim lamps add a bit of drama in the same brushed brass finish. I selected a starburst mirror, following the same metal accent and I think it’s the perfect choice! (I’ll love it more when it reflects my dream chandelier, soon to come!)

Take a look at the bedding. Plum colored coverlet and pillows … unexpectedly random in placement. I’ve been talking about this trend for the last six months … so follow suit and don’t be afraid to try it! I love it!

A bit obscured by my photography lighting, a metallic gold throw is laid across the bed to repeat the gold accents in the furniture hardware. Beautiful!

I’m loving this long dresser with an open metallic base. If you’re not ready to give in to the gold craze in design, something like this lets you ease into the look and it blends nicely with other rooms in the house. A guest room is the perfect place to isolate a new finish (in my case, gold), and enjoy something new and fresh! I’m loving the modern art that repeats the eggplant colors of the room, gives depth and lighter contrast, and lends a bit of soft modernism to an otherwise classic design. I used a plum tinted gray paint on the companion walls and ceiling to soften the depth of the papered wall and you’ll see in the photo below that the sheer panels on the windows carry that color perfectly. Sheers are making a big comeback from all major fabric vendors.

All in all, I’m pleased with the room and can’t wait for the finishing touches…accessories, a few more pieces of art, woven to measure privacy shades, chandelier, a small chair, and…glamorous barn doors! Yes. Mirrored. Glam. Unexpected.

I’ll keep you posted with the completion of the finishing touches, but for now…enjoy the room as much as I am!

It’s a grand place to spend the night. #ohsosusan #purestyle #colorcrush

In the next few days, I’ll be posting the latest trends being unveiled at High Point Furniture Market! Watch for my Stylewatch reports and #ohsosusan finds. It’s always an exciting market and I’ll love sharing my best finds with you!

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