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Susan’s Style File: High Point Market 2017

Susan’s Style File: High Point Market 2017

Each October Market brings the anticipation of new style directions, color inspirations, and crowds of stylish designers seeking inspiration and beauty! *sigh*

My first appointment was at the Vanguard showroom where we were greeted with three full hours of #purestyle inspiration. While grays and soft creams still dominate the design world, accents of chartreuse, deep plum, and sexy soft pink are here to make their own statement.

This fabulously different ombré finished round coffee table with its mirrored top seriously needs a home in my store! Or, maybe yours…I can arrange that too.


Following the lead from the recent Paris Maison trade show, the showroom boasted influences from the Art Deco era, with soft and sexy curves, mellow colors and fabulous hardware.

This curvy quaint side table is the perfect companion to the ombré coffee table. Oh. My. I’ll take two!


And talk about high style…this chair speaks to my heart. Several colors in the finish available + hundreds of fabrics make this stylish chair one to take note of. Curves, metal accents and sexy legs speak to the Art Deco influence predicted from Paris. Yes!


For the last several markets, pink has been important in color stories for all categories. Whether in upholstery, accessories, art, pillows, or walls, pink is a trending influence, and I, for one, am thrilled!

in this photo from the Vanguard showroom, soft pink upholstery on the bed and bench — with an unexpected touch of pattern and color in the contrasting pillows — makes this room sing with style!

One day behind and several more to come! Follow my Style File reports each day for my favorite picks and “ohsosusan” notes!

A New Look Part III

A New Look Part III

Introducing Susan’s all-new Urban Loft collection! It’s reclaimed, industrial style on a budget. Read about the interior design just unveiled for our Urban Loft living room and dining room, and make sure to stop by our retail store to take it all in!

The third room in our newly restyled Urban Loft features a fabulous canopy bed in a very stylish satin brass finish. Ahhhh!! It’s a real home run for style and comfort, and provides the setting for a cozy, personal hideout. Set against the Bucks County historic stone walls of my retail store, Black-eyed Susan, this room depicts modern yet classic style. Let’s call it “neo-traditional.” Nothing to be afraid of, totally new, yet brimming with a traditional twist. The bed features a partially upholstered headboard and can be used as a platform bed, or one with a box spring and mattress.

There is an entire grouping of companion pieces with a stunning high boy, side tables and console/dresser. Finished in a deep, rich chocolate wood tone, this collection would be a beautiful addition to any restyling, whether it’s a new or old home, a master bedroom or guest room. As you can see, extremely versatile.

I’ve paired it with a lovely Masland leopard print wool area rug, cut to order in size, with an overlay of two hide rugs to lock in #purestyle.

The companion high boy dresser has the same rich satin brass hardware and stretcher runner at the base, and a little extra surprise in the bottom drawer…cedar lining for all your fine cashmere or silk ascots!

Here’s that cedar lined bottom drawer!

Side tables feature a glass top which has a floating drawer, giving room for interesting objects of the heart, perhaps a small tray with a favorite quote.

I’ve paired white and gold toned lamps and accessories to complete the look. Love. Love. Love.

I hope you’ll stop by to see the room for yourself if you live near or in Bucks County! We have the ability to ship furniture all over the U.S. as well, so it can be yours no matter where your roots lie. Bedrooms should be a favorite hangout space. Don’t let your’s become an “I’ll get to that room someday” project! Style, personal, chic, cozy, hip. All words to add to the description of your personal space. Let Black-eyed Susan be the inspiration you need to make it happen.

Susan’s Wednesday Night Magic!

Susan’s Wednesday Night Magic!

Those of you who follow my blog know about the magic of the Wednesday Night Late Shift…the newest and most interesting inventory is reviewed and we find new inspirations as we walk the showroom, looking for the perfect placement for each exciting addition. #purestyle

I’ve added more of my favorite realistic and tender ferns…so much motion, you’ll never guess they don’t need water! (Check that clever piece of art behind them as the spots are blown off that dalmation! Oh. My.

These fresh picked tulips will fool your local florist…the weepy, fresh feel will make them your favorite too….pink or fresh green. Just. Got. To. Have.

Crystals are popping up in all the right places…these beauties mounted to acrylic bases make beautiful accents for tabletop or bookcases, bathrooms, or hall consoles…Wow!

I had to add a little pink…(is there anything wrong with that?!)

Remember the trending black and white I reported from market…my order came in! Lots of new black and white pillows for your selection!

…more black…more white. more style.

Spheres are a great accent for any tray, bowl or dish. Add several to a container of succulents or place some in a pedestal dish…this color just sings the right #purestyle . Navy and gold…what could be better?

So…Thursday should be on your radar each week to browse Black-eyed Susan for the newest additions, and right after market, when my new orders are making an appearance is the perfect time. It’s really full of inspiring displays and new offerings!

Hope to see you! You won’t be disappointed.

Fresh ideas. Fresh inventory. Fresh color . #ohsosusan #purestyle #colorcrush

Make time for a Thursday visit!

Miss Barbara Gets Into #purestyle!

Miss Barbara Gets Into #purestyle!

Designing for the delightful Miss Barbara this week has been sheer heaven! Her mother has been one of our favorite clients and friend for many years, and after completing her fifth home in a series of locations, she added her mother’s cottage into the picture. 

Barbara, being a bright and entertaining 87 year old, has more entertaining stories of her youth and travels abroad than you can imagine! A genuine Southern belle, she landed back in the North Carolina mountains after years of exotic places, as well as U. S. locations. She delighted us for the past two days as we installed, primped, accessorized and dressed her new home. She gets along quite well and is looked in on by two devoted daughters, grandchildren and neighbors. She’s quite the woman of style!

This is the basic palette she agreed upon. Navy and turquoise! We incorporated her favorite collections from 87 years of life and came up with a stylish mix within her comfort zone! There was little she didn’t agree to, and Barbara kept up with our pace for two days with delight!

Two of these sweet smaller-scaled chairs in a turquoise print give way to additional seating for family and friends. We selected a painted frame for contrast and interest. Polka dots are part of the pattern play! Note the patterned carpet from Masland Carpet. We had just the right size bound for the cozy room.

Barbara’s collectibles and china found a place in her china display case (much like my old one!). With the overage from the last five homes from her daughter’s designs, we added this coveted framed art…sheet music! There are many musicians to be found in this family, and Barbara herself set the tone in her youth, playing the violin. We were thrilled to repurpose this favorite piece of art from the last home in Charleston we designed for her daughter. Books covered in sheet music, a lantern filled with assorted interests, black birds perching on the top edge…all make the room personal and inviting. 

Barbara spent a number of years in Africa with her first husband and has an extensive collection of ebony figures. I love the way they are silhouetted on the top shelf of the bookshelves. It’s a bit like Noah’s Ark up there! She was thrilled with the use of them and was excited we approved and found a home for them in such a prominent spot to be admired each day.

Her bedroom incorporated some hand-me-downs from a previous home of her daughter’s on Sullivan’s Island, S.C. Dresser and nightstands were snatched up, and a formerly used trunk was painted by our own paint specialist at Black-eyed Susan. Soft tones of plum and cream create a quiet retreat for Barbara. She approved custom pillows and bedding, a new rug, new lamps and a brand new upholstered bed in her favorite style. all delivered to make this room a favorite for her. (Design by Black-eyed Susan, pillow arrangement by Barbara!) She loves the little floral pillow we were able to eek out of a small discontinued fabric memo!

(Just another shot to show you the hand-painted trunk and window fabric.)

You can see that this little lady spared no stylish suggestions for fabric and patterns in designing this room! The portrait over the high boy chest is a personal favorite that I sold to her mother years ago for her home in downtown Historic Charleston! Musically themed, vintage inspired, and just the right colors! We were thrilled to rescue this piece of art from the “unused from the past designs” pile! And I love the bench cushion fabric!

Towards the end of the day, Barbara began pulling out treasures and she came across this Elgin watch face that belonged to her mother. In a small velvet case, I insisted that we display it on her nightstand and found the perfect soft lavender vintage hobnail plate to display it on. Perfection!

In a corner of the room, facing the large picture window, we placed another reclaimed chair and ottoman from a former home of her daughter’s. Recovered in the perfect stripe in the colors of the room, we created a cozy place for Barbara to read and put her feet up. (She was quite astounded when she discovered it was perfectly allowed to put her feet up – shoes and all – on such a fine piece of furniture!)

So here she is, Miss Barbara, woman of style and fine taste! With many gifts from her darling daughter and custom design by Black-eyed Susan just for her, she is perfectly content to sun in this room and enjoy the life of a gritty 87 year old with glee. 

Enjoy it for many years to come Barbara! We loved designing for you and all who visit your love filled home. 


Susan’s Stylewatch Report #hpmkt2017 | Day 3: It’s All About Gold!

Susan’s Stylewatch Report #hpmkt2017 | Day 3: It’s All About Gold!

Each market, there are trends that emerge quickly as we walk the halls. Certain color trends, finish trends, accessory trends…we identify these within the first few days and find them repeated again and again with different interpretations.

With this in mind, I’m here to say that the finish of the market is gold. Gold. Gold, and more gold! It’s not going anywhere. We have been seeing larger introductions each Market from all vendors. I documented several examples of gold finishes that I will share with you! Go for it. Gold is really in. #purestyle

I’m loving the gold metal accents on this new coffee table introduction. Those legs! Those bands! Love. 

I love the way this mirror floats, attached to the frame (satin gold!) with bands in the same finish. The wall color makes the floating mirror more dramatic. This satin brass is a very prevalent gold finish all through the Market. 

Even the smallest detail in furniture hardware can make a statement. Gold, of course!

The photo below captures both the coffee table, and a significant accessory. Did I say that gold has taken the top spot?!

How about a trio (or more) of hanging pendants in gold? Instead of one sizable pendant, try hanging a collage of the same pendant in assorted sizes and at different heights. Make sure to select your favorite in … yes, a gold finish!

This one is perhaps my favorite of the #makeminegold suggestions! This custom painted piece of art is a stylishly bold example of metallic gold set against white. Choose your size, and consider booking two together as shown below. Love. Love. Love.

As one final example, look at these vintage artifacts that have taken a place as accessories…you got it, GOLD. 

I’ve incorporated this trend into my new home in the last room I’m completing…look back to my Instagram post and the latest blog post on my guest room. It’s a pleasant departure from all the polished nickel used throughout my new designs. Don’t be afraid to mix metals…gold and polished nickel mix beautifully together and add a bit of unexpected beauty.

It’s all about gold. Take a step in the direction of the newest finish and step into #ohsosusan style.

Rooms That Pop with Color Part 4

Rooms That Pop with Color Part 4

In Part 4 of Rooms that Pop With Color, let’s study the value of contrast.  Below, we have vivid complimentary colors repeated in various places-walls, typography, teapot and books, and a bright, playful chair! Once again, the addition of my #ohsosusan favorite white comes into play. Brilliant!

The orange wall below pops against creamy white walls and keeps an otherwise quiet room filled with personality and style. White plays into the theme once again.

The power of strong contrast, in this case, turquoise, white, and black, presents a great background for this art collection. Don’t be afraid of some bright color! Small doses bring your look into play.

Take a look at this saturated color, gently pulled into a nearly neutral upper wall and ceiling. I love the ombre paint and here, you see how white plays such an important part in the success of the room. Remember my white + one color formula for success. It works every time. Perfection !

My last example takes two strong colors, both seen in the above rooms in different applications. Now, they are paired together with great success. And, once again, white is our pop of contrast! Orange and teal play well together here and create a purely happy room!

Don’t be afraid to express your own color dream! These rooms are memorable ones filled with personality and boldness. There is something about rooms with color that just makes my heart sing! Why not create a little tune of your own?



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