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Full Service Design

Interior Design Services Bucks CountyBlack-eyed Susan speaks the language of style. Creating a personal room with interest and style often requires one of Susan’s often repeated tag lines, “Forget the rules, arouse the senses”! As a collaborative design team, we feel it is our job to stretch your imagination a bit further than you could create on your own. Push the envelope a little, but not to the point of discomfort. Let the Black-eyed Susan style moxie work for you. It’s all about style.

Our full-services design services include design concept, selection and purchasing of furniture, lighting, mirrors, art, custom draperies, rugs, flooring, carpeting and accessories. Applies to multiple rooms or the entire home for new construction, city apartments, historic homes and vacation houses. Our designers approach every project with a vision to achieve individual style that completes a room. Choose to be hands-on during the design process, or enjoy a surprise reveal of your finished design installation!

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