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black-eyed-susan_orange-chandelier_local-living-magazineColor wows me. I mean really wows me. I am in the finishing stages of redesigning my own lower level. A few months ago, I mentioned that I was struggling a bit with the neutral pallet I had redirected my home to! I’ve really had to ponder, experiment, and whine
to my staff about this change! Every time I design a new inspiration board for a client, I wonder, “Why didn’t I do this?!” I’m just saying… that subtle, trendy taupe and greige thing can get boring fast without the wow of color.

So, take a look at what I added to get me out of boring…Orange! My followers and friends know I have a penchant for orange. It’s been a trademark for some time in my not-so-new location in Buckingham. Sherwin Williams Yam and Determined Orange, just to name a few…

I’ve discovered that orange can be a great compliment to so many other colors: gray, greige, aqua, teal, taupe, or cream (is that really a color?!). For me, the personality really didn’t sing in my room until I added this accent in several areas. You will see it in the graphic rug, a high gloss pendent drum chandelier, simple fl oral stems perfectly placed, linen pillows, and a small accent vase added into the mix. I love it! The last piece yet to come is a fabulous piece of modern art most likely from my son-in-law, Marc Olivier. He is a published photographer who has some keen photography from Paris in his line. A close-up of stacked outdoor bistro chairs… in what color… orange, of course!

In a recent project I just completed for a client in Charleston, SC, the pallet was coral and chartreuse. Oh. My. It’s true. Color makes my heart sing. It might be the first time I used creamy neutral walls (however, I did spec high gloss!), but the punches of strong, bold color as well as bold pattern created a room that was anything but boring. *sigh*

I have always been known for outside the box thinking when it comes to color… painted ceilings, doors, and furniture pieces. Just take it from my own experience–color will put the stamp of personality and pizazz on your design. When using a bold pallet, I suggest the advice of a professional to ensure success. One tone in the wrong direction can result in disaster. I’m just a phone call away. Color. Wow!


by Susan Taylor, Local Living Magazine

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