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black-eyed-susan_pink-dining-room_local-living-magazineThere’s been a change in the air in the last few years where interior style is concerned. That old world “European” charm with volumes of fabric and heavy passementarie trims, big rolled arms and oversized furniture pieces are just not stylish in today’s new rooms.
Trends start slowly and before you know it, they’ve become the new look that is coveted by those who like to keep up with the style curve.

Those of you who follow my work know that I’m not much of a rule follower and mainly march to the beat of my own drum, setting my own “Susan Rules” within the realm of fine design and good taste. There’s always room for breaking the norm. That said, here are several fresh approaches.

Taupe, greys and neutrals are all the rage. Calm walls and ceilings with punctuations of color. Think deep teal, orange or chartreuse pillows and rugs. Just on the cusp of the new look is bold color in pattern, fabric and wall covering. Pretty much opposites, these two trends both call my name. You may recall the lipstick pink high gloss walls of the Bucks County Designer House Dining Room from 2012. It was a showstopper and memorable! I still have women (and men!) stop in the store to ask about that room. The walls and ceiling were bolder than bold. A zebra patterned rug grounded all neutral upholstered chairs and table. It was all about contrast. And color!

I’ve lived with color and have been known to spec unabashed hues in my design career of 20 years. I. Love. Color. So, when I decided to redesign the entire fi rst fl oor of my home last fall, I had in mind a signifi- cant change. I’m a collector of books, silver, plates and oh so much more. I love an organic mix (yet another trend) and wanted to mix the modern clean lines so in vogue today with the interest of my collections. It works, you know. But, I’ve had my challenges! I sold everything far too soon for comfortable living while this transformation was taking place…. (That old “Shoemaker’s Kid’s” theory is pretty accurate!) Last week, a mere four months after I started, I had the painting completed. Soft. Neutral stone colors… no punctuation−yet! My dearest friend is shocked! I’ve been her inspiration and director of color for a lifetime. She reminded me that I once said,”There is no room for beige.” Oh. Dear.

I’ve got a real challenge ahead, that of putting the personality back into the “beige”! I’m confident and rather anxious to take the time off to pull it all together and I’ll try to keep you posted. You can follow my blog for progress and I promise you some surprises along the way. I challenge you to take the plunge. Make a change. Visit your favorite design shops. Get inspired from Designer Show Houses, magazines and Pinterest. Consult a professional to affirm your direction. There is so much to choose from, sophisticated neutrals or all out color… or, a combination of the two! To quote His Lordship from Downton Abbey, “When you’re tired of style, you’re tired of life.” LL



by Susan Taylor, Local Living Magazine

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