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black-eyed-susan_lamp_local-living-magazineThat urge to purge hits all of us occasionally. The trending towards minimalism and clean lines embraces this need, calling us all to re-examine what we live with. Having been a serious collector for many years hasn’t helped my “stash” shall we call it? Books, silver trays, monogramed silverware, cake plates, butter pats, and glass cloches just to name some of my favorites… I have too many. So, when the opportunity came my way to write about clutter free spaces, I had to turn a blind eye to the massive amounts of my favorite things that are sitting in piles, waiting to be sorted and placed in new homes. If you’ve been following my articles, you know that I have been in a long drawn out process of re-designing many of my personal spaces. Now the task of editing and incorporating my favorite things into my new chic look is challenging!

Let’s face it: the style now is to revel in clean, pure minimalism. But it doesn’t have to be boring. “X” may mark the spot, but so do triangles, circles and squares. Reinventing the modern lifestyle with geometry-inspired designs can provoke and captivate this look, leading to uncluttered and interesting personal design. And how do I work some of my favorite and cherished collections into the mix?

I’ve replaced many of my crystal dripped vintage chandeliers (28 to be exact) with modern drum shaded fixtures. I’m in love with the high gloss orange one I hung in the family room. There are still crystal accents, but they are modern bubbles, not multi-faceted 100 year old ones. Mirrors are style-infused and sizzling hot. They are cleaner and less carved-round sunbursts or glamorous mirrored frames around the mirror itself. Perhaps a high gloss lacquered one… navy you say?

And then there’s the art. Vibrant watercolors, exotic batiks and lots of navy and white. Clean, crisp stripes and chevron patterns call for a look of more order. The masses of personal photographs dotting multiple surfaces are passé. While there is always a place for generational photographs, they should be framed to be used as larger wall art and kept in more personal spaces such as bedrooms and hallways.

Even the style of our floral accents has changed to a more minimal attraction. I had a pang of sadness when I sold the massive and stunningly colorful center hall arrangement that had dressed my foyer library table for ten years. Consider using three of a kind, perhaps tall clear cylinders with dramatic orchids. Yes, it’s more towards the clean and exact.

Finding order in the new direction of interior design is simple with the right inspiration. Browse through your favorite publications and stroll through the most current retail design studios. You’ll be inspired and with a little help      from your trusted design professional, you will find your perfect mix.

It’s all about style. Clean, pure style. Now, what about those 20 cake plates? I’m pretty sure I can work them into my plan.

I like cake.


by Susan Taylor, Local Living Magazine

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