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Today I’m taking you into the dining room and open areas surrounding it. With an open concept floorplan, it’s more important than ever to marry your spaces together when telling your story, and that goes for Christmas decor as well!

This 52″ lantern from Visual Comfort is long enough and has enough open space to allow me to hang an assortment of ornaments from the support frame.It’s still airy enough to allow for conversation and important enough to make a statement over the extended dining table with seating for 10.

Down the center of the table, I seasonally change my centerpiece and use these oversized, dramatic glass hurricane vessels with chrome banded tops. I’ve filled the bottom with some metallic gravel-like fillers, and dropped in several favorite accents ornaments and metallic pinecones for additional flair.  I carry assorted sizes and colors of decorative stones in my retail store, Black-eyed Susan, and we use them generously throughout the visual displays to inspire you how to use them. Additional votives in assorted sizes are dotted down the table and when the whole thing is lighted, it’s quite magical!

A dramatic open staircase separates the dining area from another hall leading to the Master Suite, and is visible from the entire length of the main floor living space. I’ve used some favorite and realistic garlands, minimally embellished, on the banisters. This allows an unusually tall storage cupboard to act almost like a mantle. I decided this year to display a collection of white penguins and ceramic trees in monochromatic style. I’ve spoken often about the impact of white, and here is a perfect example!

Twin mirrors are the perfect place to hang twin white snowy wreaths with a simple gray ribbon. Ribbon doesn’t have to be red or green…use the colors of your home’s decor to get a designer like feel for your banister, accent details and even wrapping.

p.s. The trees are sold out already this year, but when I left last Saturday, we still had penguins!


On the mirrored sideboard accenting the stairwell, I’ve used similar colors, white being the star. You will see the addition of the hot pink accents carefully tucked into the large glass rectangular vase as well as within the foliage of a bright orchid plant. Why not?! I also took a second look and hung a few of my favorite glass ornaments from the sparkly branches within my vase arrangement.

Just a little closeup of the details mentioned above on the sideboard. (I couldn’t resist the inspiration this bold hot pink lamp offers for coordinating accents for my Holiday decor!

There’s more to come with some kitchen ideas, guest room and master suite accents, so come back for more over the next few days. Take a brake from your Christmas merriment and finish the tour with me!


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