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While there are still some key ingredients missing in this room, it is getting closer to receiving guests! One year later, my former “storage area” for all things either waiting to be transported or just having been transported, has been cleared out, furniture installed, and a few accessory accents placed. Whew!

Worry not, that drum pendant is soon to be replaced with a fabulous pendant of some kind (to be determined at the upcoming High Point Market!). I have something in mind, but will make a final decision after seeing the latest offerings. But gold tones are filling this room, and my pendant is sure to follow in this finish. Sadly, the deep, rich eggplant tones of the wallpaper and bedding don’t show up perfectly. The rug is key to the palette and it does show the color direction a bit better!

I took a vertical stripe wall paper and ran it horizontally. The darker stripe has just a bit of glimmer to it and it really provides a wow factor! I choose a dark chocolate-y plum velvet for the channeled upholstered bed. It is rich and engaging.

Dark wood sets the stage for a beautiful contrast for the brushed brass hardware, table legs, and stretcher on the dresser. Tall, slim lamps add a bit of drama in the same brushed brass finish. I selected a starburst mirror, following the same metal accent and I think it’s the perfect choice! (I’ll love it more when it reflects my dream chandelier, soon to come!)

Take a look at the bedding. Plum colored coverlet and pillows … unexpectedly random in placement. I’ve been talking about this trend for the last six months … so follow suit and don’t be afraid to try it! I love it!

A bit obscured by my photography lighting, a metallic gold throw is laid across the bed to repeat the gold accents in the furniture hardware. Beautiful!

I’m loving this long dresser with an open metallic base. If you’re not ready to give in to the gold craze in design, something like this lets you ease into the look and it blends nicely with other rooms in the house. A guest room is the perfect place to isolate a new finish (in my case, gold), and enjoy something new and fresh! I’m loving the modern art that repeats the eggplant colors of the room, gives depth and lighter contrast, and lends a bit of soft modernism to an otherwise classic design. I used a plum tinted gray paint on the companion walls and ceiling to soften the depth of the papered wall and you’ll see in the photo below that the sheer panels on the windows carry that color perfectly. Sheers are making a big comeback from all major fabric vendors.

All in all, I’m pleased with the room and can’t wait for the finishing touches…accessories, a few more pieces of art, woven to measure privacy shades, chandelier, a small chair, and…glamorous barn doors! Yes. Mirrored. Glam. Unexpected.

I’ll keep you posted with the completion of the finishing touches, but for now…enjoy the room as much as I am!

It’s a grand place to spend the night. #ohsosusan #purestyle #colorcrush

In the next few days, I’ll be posting the latest trends being unveiled at High Point Furniture Market! Watch for my Stylewatch reports and #ohsosusan finds. It’s always an exciting market and I’ll love sharing my best finds with you!

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