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The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, the gathering place, and the place comfort abounds. With all those accolades, there is simply no reason to leave the magic of Christmas out of this room!

Let’s start with the prep counter. Without the same number of surfaces I had in past homes, I still have favorites that I want to display. This collection of mache houses found the perfect home right here on my prep/serving counter. A bit like a butler’s pantry, you can see that the steeples just clear the upper cabinets. The lighted houses are perfect for this spot and act as night lights as well. A smaller collection of trees surrounds the collection of 4 of my favorites. It’s always nice to change up your placement for favorites every few years. While the kitchen may be a bit unusual for a gouping of reproduction vintage mache houses, it has turned out to be a favorite spot!

Vessels that are normally filled with spring or fall accents or marshmellows and paper straws, now become places for holiday greens, pine cone boughs  and snow. Snow, snow, snow. Our magic snow turns anything into a Christmas delight! Again, i left many of my everyday favorite accents out in the mix, like this oversized cherry with chrome stem. #purestyle

Below is a closeup of a lidded vessel that usually holds fresh, weekly stocked marshmallows for my granddaughters! But, for the Christmas season, it has been repurposed into a snowy village! Once again, that magic snow! We stock it throughout the season in the retail store, and go through 60+ bags each season. Best to secure yours early each year. If you attend any of my Christmas classes and “how-to’s”, it is often the star of the show.

Another undercounter favorite of mine is this elongated boat-shaped white vessel that has been refilled with white painted pine cones, icy succulents, pine boughs, and dotted with the miniature Polish ornaments I’ve spoken about. Clustered close at hand are potted snowy kale in two sizes. I love the shape and size of this vessel, as it still allows for countertop use and cooking prep space.


This view is from the opposite side of the island. You will note the Meyers seasonal dish soap, Iowa Pine scent. It all adds to the festive season and memories we love. Throughout the house and especially the kitchen, we burn the most sought after scent from Black-eyed Susan,Balsam and Cedar, by Illume. It is a memorable and delightful fragrance that always signals the beginning of the Season and continues many years into the early winter. It’s hard to put this one away!

This unique accent is one of my personal favorites! This industrial kitchen faucet just begs for an embellishment for Christmas!  I tied this glass shimmery ornament on with a bit of narrow ribbon and my signature one loop “Susan Bow” on it. Love. It’s totally unexpected and fun!

I’ve had this icicle collection for some time and this year, I took a page from my Black-eyed Susan book of ideas for the retail store and hung them all from three short, real-touch cedar garlands, leading out to the our outdoor living space. I love the mounted silver metallic rhino head (which hangs everyday in my kitchen, and his horn holds a large realistic sprig of mistletoe. It doesn’t take as long as you would think to hang all these and I think the effect is quite darling! Start collecting your own glass icicles and give it a try!

Another side of my island boasts this beautiful large magnolia branch in acrylic water. So simple, yet quite a statement. I used a favorite cake plate to host two smaller evergreen accents, each dotted with the again favorite mini glass ornaments in the colors of the room.


The view from the opposite side of this grouping shows an oversized perched bird from a favorite vendor based in Poland. #ohsosusan And as long as it’s at hand, don’t overlook my top display cabinets with assorted sized ceramic pears-8 to be exact!

There’s still a few rooms I haven’t shared (mudroom and master hall) but it’s Christmas Eve and there are elves who need to get to work around here! I do love the Christmas Season and all that it brings-the joy, service, warm hearts, tender thoughts, our love for The Savior and the wonder of His birth. I love the beauty of our homes and hearts,and those tender ones who are most dear to our generational families far and near.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.




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