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High Point Market in the spring is always inspiring, filled with new offerings and fresh colors! Keep watching for the latest trends and newest purchases to anticipate seeing at the store! Watch for my daily reports, photos and trend reports — make your own list of favorites, and begin enjoying the change of season in your own home. Make sure to follow our Instagram posts (besusanstyle) for daily doses of #purestyle.

It’s just about that time of year to get the beach property ready, and today I found several shore-inspiring finds that I would love to use in my next shore project! And that could be your home.

This rustic, yet chic collection of reclaimed wood hand painted in a herringbone pattern caught my eye! Just the right colors of creamy white and grey tones, not to mention cool hardware. Use this in a bedroom, a hallway, or even create a vanity from it!

A matching console could be a stylish TV anchor, dining room buffet or a storage place for blankets and games and video games, since you can even go online and buy csgo skins for this games. Love!

…a little surprise…teal painted interior drawers and doors!

How about using this glass cabinet as a display cabinet for larger coral sculptures, conch shells and your book collection (cover them with coordinating wrapping papers in cool summer graphic patterns, and voila!). I placed an order for one for the store today and my creative genes are itching to fill it with inspiring collections to inspire you!

This console of reclaimed wood and polished nickel would be a versatile addition to any beach setting, from great room to dining room to media room. That bit of polished nickel takes reclaimed wood to another level of #purestyle!  Watch for this one to be delivered to Black-eyed Susan too. *sigh*

We stopped by one of our most anticipated vendors, Natural Curiosities, as our first stop this morning. This gorgeous crane actually has a hot pink accent, but my photo doesn’t do justice to the dramatic coloring. These are finer pieces of art and would be a beautiful addition to any art collection and a focal point for your beach property for generations to come.

Tomorrow we get into full swing, and I’ll be sure to report trends that are prominent, bold, and, at the center of #purestyle.

Enjoy the ride!

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