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Think back about 5-6 years ago when you began to notice that the style in lamps was changing…drum shades began to take center stage. Larger ceramic or metallic bases were introduced. Bold colors became available. 

I certainly recall beginning to encourage all of my design clients and retail followers to jump on trend and begin to update their rooms with current lighting. This was where updates could begin easily begin and you could let your friends know you were current and watching trends.

Now compare this to what has been happening in art trends the past few years. While is used to be some modern influences were cropping up in the art showrooms, it is now nearly impossible to find much of anything else in the most current and followed art vendors. 

But don’t fret! Even more traditional rooms or what we like to refer to as modern classic (transitional) rooms can carry the modern art movement. Your rooms will benefit from a touch of modernism in your art selections.

If I had to pick one color story that has been prevalent in almost every art showroom I visited today, it would be blue…It’s all about BLUE! Every shade of blue, from navy to teal to turquoise, mint and jade. Blue. Blue. Blue. I’m going to make a short comment on several modern pieces of art that would be a fine addition to almost any room style and bring your room into a more current attitude. Don’t be afraid. It’s here to stay! 

This modern street scene is still readily identifiable, yet the modern interpretation of the buildings and figures updates the art.


Expect to see lots of metallic accents, (even some glitter!) Gold, silver, blue…and most everything is oversized! It’s really all good.


Impressionistic, soft colors run into each other. Soft values and moody subjects are popular.

I love this one! You could read into it  a skyline or a horizon. It’s beautiful either way. These grayed tones fade into softer blues and neutrals and can be nice compliments to most color palettes. Beautiful! Peaceful. Stylish.

This market has confirmed that we’re not going back! Modern influences in art are here for a while and beautifully presented. There are loads to choose from and one is more enticing than the next! #Imafan

I actually set out to find some pieces that were slightly more transitional for some of my Bucks County fans, and gleefully, I did find some modern interpretations of several delightful barns! So jump on in. Bring an oversized modern piece of art into the family room that speaks to you and join the stylish homeowners of today! #ohsosusan #purestyle

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