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Susan’s Wednesday Night Magic!

Susan’s Wednesday Night Magic!

Those of you who follow my blog know about the magic of the Wednesday Night Late Shift…the newest and most interesting inventory is reviewed and we find new inspirations as we walk the showroom, looking for the perfect placement for each exciting addition. #purestyle

I’ve added more of my favorite realistic and tender ferns…so much motion, you’ll never guess they don’t need water! (Check that clever piece of art behind them as the spots are blown off that dalmation! Oh. My.

These fresh picked tulips will fool your local florist…the weepy, fresh feel will make them your favorite too….pink or fresh green. Just. Got. To. Have.

Crystals are popping up in all the right places…these beauties mounted to acrylic bases make beautiful accents for tabletop or bookcases, bathrooms, or hall consoles…Wow!

I had to add a little pink…(is there anything wrong with that?!)

Remember the trending black and white I reported from market…my order came in! Lots of new black and white pillows for your selection!

…more black…more white. more style.

Spheres are a great accent for any tray, bowl or dish. Add several to a container of succulents or place some in a pedestal dish…this color just sings the right #purestyle . Navy and gold…what could be better?

So…Thursday should be on your radar each week to browse Black-eyed Susan for the newest additions, and right after market, when my new orders are making an appearance is the perfect time. It’s really full of inspiring displays and new offerings!

Hope to see you! You won’t be disappointed.

Fresh ideas. Fresh inventory. Fresh color . #ohsosusan #purestyle #colorcrush

Make time for a Thursday visit!

Susan’s Stylewatch Report #hpmkt2017 | Day 5: Black and White

Susan’s Stylewatch Report #hpmkt2017 | Day 5: Black and White

Our last day at market was another rain-filled day…gloomy, windy, cold, and nearly impossible to get from building to building without getting drenched! Whew! You really have to be a diehard buyer to persevere! But we’ll do just about anything to bring back style.

There were loads of examples of the black and white trend, and I edited a handful of my High Point Market photos to give you some inspiration! And even better, I just painted my foyer accent wall just inside the front door at Black-eyed Susan, I also want to give you guys a good recommendation on my new unu scooter which is a great transportation…you guessed it, black! Somehow, we get a step ahead before we see these trends becoming just that, trends! Stop in and see for yourself the bold beauty and neutral impact black can have. Walls, accessories, art…try some black in your own design!

This room uses black primarily in the art and the accent pillows. Everything else; walls, rug, upholster, table…stays white in contrast. I’m in love with it!

A little texture in solids really helps too. The bold black and white print makes for a strong contrast. I’m always saying that strong contrast can be as effective as strong color. Here you can see it for yourself.

This white organic table, carved like tree branches, sets the stage for the strength of the black lamp base. Perfect harmony…black and white. 

This room brings the drama of a black glass table into focus. Black is dramatic with all finishes in the gold or silver tones. Still, with a neutral sofa, the black table is the focal point by nature. A black wall behind the sofa puts the light sofa on stage.

Here you go, the black wall! Most of the time I saw a flat finish used. Silver metal table, but white accessories! Light sofa and light art…it’s a formula that really works!

Here’s an overall view of that same room. Wowza! Black. I’m really loving this strong color!

Walls and art play the black and white game perfectly here. Note the three white vases in perfect line. Black accessories on the coffee table…white books…you can’t see it, but even the chandelier shade was black! If there ever was a time you wanted to throw in a little color, say a hot pink or chartreuse green…well, that would work too! Ahhhhhh!

Another room with a black wall. Note the molding and wall are all painted black! A dark charcoal chair works nicely with the wall and of course, the white side table offers strong contrast and fabulous accent to the room. The floor is a bit blackened in the stain finish. Overall, a perfect formula for success!

This last example pretty much sums up the success of the black and white theme that every major showroom used! Black walls, black and white geometric art, black and white graphic pillows, white sofa, white table and dark if not black accents. A black printed menswear-ish chair fabric, and you have a fabulous room!

If you haven’t been to the store for a while, you can see my version of black and white with a grand Vanguard sectional that arrived just in time for my recent floor change! Black tweed sofa, black and white pillows, black and chrome accessories, fur rug…it’s a winner. I’m finding this color palette to be extremely versatile and strikingly bold all at the same time. 

If you’re starting a new room and gathering ideas, put this one in the forefront of your idea folder. Do a little searching on Pinterest and Instagram and you’re bound to see plenty of inspiration! I’m really pleased with the new look incorporated into Black-eyed Susan. Stop in and see for yourself!

(Susan’s front foyer at Black-eyed Susan!) #ohsosusan #purestyle #paintismymagicwand

Rooms That Pop with Color  Part III

Rooms That Pop with Color Part III

In Part III, let’s start out with a pop of color (again, one that is tried and true in my book!) …chrome yellow. Try high gloss on your trim to make even more of a statement. The age of this windows is brought to life even more with strong color and the architecture becomes more prominent. The repetition of the selected color in the window sill accents completes the design. I’m a fan!

The next four rooms are examples of the addition of black as the accent. While black is actually the absence of color, black has the drama of strong contrast to add to your design. I’ve just painted two walls of my new design studio black and it is a great neutral for the subtle pastel I’ve chosen for the other walls…you’ll have to keep following to see the reveal! Now, back to these black examples…

Likely a loft apartment, note one wall is brick and the ceiling is reclaimed pine. The addition of this modern ceiling fixture in a black iron finish is hip and a piece of art, all at the same time. The painted exposed brick brings this formula of strong contrast into the design very successfully. Texture on the floor, on the bed with fur, and pattern in the pillows pulls everything together with pure style. I love the artful play on words with the framed phrase. A bedroom is always a great place to use this kind of art and it can be personal, meaningful, sentimental or motivating. The lack of color in the art also keeps this intentional lack of color (black) paramount in the design.

Note the same room below with the change of art. The metallic gold against a black canvas is chic and an interesting approach. Which one of these rooms do you like best? It’s educational to see how different the exact same room looks with the simple change of the art focus. The black contrast is a great tip to keep in mind for your next adventure!

This last example is just pure drama. Start white trim contrasts with the black walls and ceiling of an already stunning hallway. The deep espresso tones of the high gloss floor keeps the strong contrast of the black walls balanced and beautiful. I find myself thinking of all kinds of places I could use black!

The black wall below is a great example of the use of black as a backdrop to an interesting wall collage. The white horn rack, white matts, white document…and then the addition of the green repeated in the botanical prints (and note the pressed fern used directly on the wall!) makes for a fine presentation. I love this!

And so, for the most part, this post has used the strong contrast an drama of black to inspire your design thoughts. Keep your eyes open and you are bound to see more and more rooms, accent walls, or restaurants using this stylish formula. Black! #purestyle #ohsosusan



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