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Centerpiece Inspirations!

Centerpiece Inspirations!

I seem to be on a roll this week about change in Interior Design trends. It happens in all areas of design…trends change! I guess this keeps the design trade in business, and those of us who love making our homes pretty, happy to oblige!

Tonight, I’m talking about centerpieces. No longer are we putting together large Dutch Masters-like oversized florals, but something more like these…simple statements for the most part. Let’s take a look at some recently spotted or installed favorites.

This 52″ narrow metal tray is a favorite for myself and many Black-eyed Susan fans. Here it is loaded with Bucks County wood cuts, fabulous succulents, floral heads and mossy spheres artfully arranged in the dramatic length of this container. This particular design landed in a stylish dining room  recently installed in Highlands, NC. I won’t kid you, though…you might need a helper to take it off the table! The good news, it’s plenty low enough to allow perfect conversation across the table during a dinner party. It is an often requested custom design for a dining room centerpiece. I have several in stock currently.

Another current look is to use multiples of the same vase or vessel. Simple. Striking. Stylish. Use them with or without delicate cuttings. This narrow console is the perfect surface for this look. Try it in a foyer, hallway or stair landing. Love!

This is the stylish way to arrange fresh flowers. Exotic dendrobium orchids, miniature calla lilies, grasses and waxy leaves. Bunch like flowers together instead of spreading or fanning. Cut stems, exposed in a clear vase is chic.

I do unique fresh floral designs for events (and an occasional wedding!) with enough notice for ordering and designing.

Coffee table decor has followed in line…note this collection bound together by color and similar contrast, white and gold…you know it’s a favorite for me! Assorted sizes and heights…similar finishes. Unfilled vessels stand on their own as sculptures. Left empty, they are a fine example of understated, tailored style. Filled with fresh cuttings, gilded stones, or Luminara candles, they lend beauty and style to your favorite surface.

Who knew a bowl of smooth, assorted organic stones would ever be in demand?! Yep. We use this look often to complete Bucks County (or Florida, NC, or Chesapeake Bay homes) tablescapes. Subtle colors, and assorted sizes and shapes make for an interested centerpiece.

This unusual low bowl makes a home for various preserved mosses. That’s it! Organic, simplified #purestyle . The vessel has a beautifully designed edge and being filled with mood moss lets the vessel shine and take center stage.

Do you have a favorite centerpiece that speaks of today’s look? Send me your designs for more inspiration!

Now, go forth and create. And, if you want a little inspiration, stop by my retail store, Black-eyed Susan, for some personal attention and designing! *Sigh*


Big Blooms!

Big Blooms!

There’s no one who is more of a succulent fan than myself! About five years ago, succulents came into the design radar for me. Fabulous, right?! I’m not even tired of them….but, I have been keeping my eye open the last few markets for that “next big thing” — the “next succulent,” if you will.

Don’t misunderstand, I am still in love with succulents, and find myself mixing them with just about everything in my accessory calls and when I put the finishing details into completed projects. But this is what I’ve been bringing in the last few weeks and they have been flying out the door just about as fast as they arrive!

Flowers made of a foam-like substance…bright white or spectacular colors like orange, coral and vibrant pink. Oh. My. These beauties make my heart sing!                                              2016-05-12-11-02-36-2


Shown here is our large 50″ tray brimming with pink magnolias, local cuts of sycamore logs and dramatic white magnolia-like blooms. These are just spectacular! Think dining room centerpiece, foyer drama, or island statement.


Here’s a closeup of some spikey orange tinies…they come four on a stem, and I cut them short to creative individuals that I could dress these tiny vessels in. Perfect for those difficult spaces beneath your wall mounted TV above the mantle. That’s a tough request I often am faced with for client’s family rooms. I think I’ve got one answer!


Just another shot of the same darlings! Love.


John, my retail manager, put this dramatic statement together during our last “late shift” night…Wednesday nights are the nights we create magic in the store, revealing new arrivals, fresh ideas and inspirations for new color palettes. Furniture, art, and mirrors are shuffled around to create a whole new look. Thursdays should definitely be your go-to day to come in and be lifted and delighted! And John or myself will be around to help fill your centerpiece and accent needs.


The next three images are some of the same types of statement flowers that I’ve used in my new North Carolina home. I find white to be a strong contrast and naturally, perfect with any color palette. I loaded the same long tray I mentioned in the first photo with mossy spheres, succulents, bulbs, log cuts and fern fronds. Then I popped just a handful of the large white blooms (heads only), to put that pop into it. I’m loving it. Organic, lively, striking. It’s just the ticket I was looking for!


This striking bloom had me at the color! I’ve added hot pink into my gray and white mix, along with a little high gloss navy. (You can see that hot pink coral/lucite statement in the background). Combined with one of our large botanical leaves, this oversized bloom just pops out of the top of a favorite bamboo vessel. Pure style!


On the coffee table, I have accented an oversized foam succulent (!) with several of the same white heads cut from their stems to rest atop this organic-inspired, delightful metal bowl, sculptural in nature. Use vessels that can be re-invented during different seasons…fall, holiday, spring. I often have classes in the evenings to show how this is done. Watch our event listings for this!

I love the contrast between the lively lime green and the brilliant white!

All in all, I’m in love with these new additions to the world of succulents! Assorted colors, heights, sizes, and styles. Come in and see for yourself. I think you’ll fall in love.

Setting the Stage for Style: Dining Table Centerpieces

Setting the Stage for Style: Dining Table Centerpieces

With the current trend of cleaner looks, bolder accessories and statement art, our dining room table centerpieces have made changes as well! Black-eyed Susan is always full of inspiration, showing several dining tables with ideas and available inventory to make your own statement.

Get past exaggerated floral designs and go big, bold and beautiful with a sculptural centerpiece. Consider a large collection of large vessels, lidded or filled with botanical leaves and singular stems of exotic orchids. The strong contrast of white is always bold and arresting! White plus one color in your choice of a statement flower will be your style signature. Try using several sizes with complimentary shapes; clusters of three work well. The drama and height of your chandelier will dictate a lot, but the simplicity of today’s designs can work together easily.




Another look that speaks volumes is the trend of large lanterns. Try three in a row, or two larger ones with an accent look in the center. Our Luminara candles are one of the biggest hits ever, combining safety, atmosphere and ease all together. (Love. These.)

Many of the dining tables we are currently designing with are oversized in length. These tables that are 108″ and even longer give plenty of room for large-scaled favorites. I will be showcasing a new dining table centerpiece vision every week on our Instagram feed: give us a follow and look for the hashtag #centerpieceoftheweek! We love making a vision for you that can easily be duplicated to take home.


We will be orchestrating an entire floor change in the next week. Every piece of furniture and accent table, accessory and art will find a new home, use and look!  It’s a huge effort, yet inspiring and much anticipated by all Black-eyed Susan fans. Come see the magic.

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