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Rooms That Pop with Color Part 4

Rooms That Pop with Color Part 4

In Part 4 of Rooms that Pop With Color, let’s study the value of contrast.  Below, we have vivid complimentary colors repeated in various places-walls, typography, teapot and books, and a bright, playful chair! Once again, the addition of my #ohsosusan favorite white comes into play. Brilliant!

The orange wall below pops against creamy white walls and keeps an otherwise quiet room filled with personality and style. White plays into the theme once again.

The power of strong contrast, in this case, turquoise, white, and black, presents a great background for this art collection. Don’t be afraid of some bright color! Small doses bring your look into play.

Take a look at this saturated color, gently pulled into a nearly neutral upper wall and ceiling. I love the ombre paint and here, you see how white plays such an important part in the success of the room. Remember my white + one color formula for success. It works every time. Perfection !

My last example takes two strong colors, both seen in the above rooms in different applications. Now, they are paired together with great success. And, once again, white is our pop of contrast! Orange and teal play well together here and create a purely happy room!

Don’t be afraid to express your own color dream! These rooms are memorable ones filled with personality and boldness. There is something about rooms with color that just makes my heart sing! Why not create a little tune of your own?



20 Rooms That Pop with Color Part II

20 Rooms That Pop with Color Part II

Continuing on with rooms that pop with color! This chartreuse sofa puts a smile on my face. The mid-century style speaks #purestyle. The deep teal wall is only made more intense by the contrast of white. I’ve often touted the many uses of white, and this is a great teaching photo. Be it the lamp, the table, the sculptures…it’s the magic ingredient in the formula. White can make any color become the star.

This small bathroom has been updated with bold wall color and ceiling and white accents almost everywhere else. Remember one of my formulas for success…white + one color. Here you see it done perfectly. Modern art and the modern random print on the shower curtain  keeps the room lively and fresh! But, the color is really the star of the show here. A hall or guest bathroom is the perfect place to experiment with something bold.


This room uses two strong complimentary colors against a fairly neutral wall to create the interest. If you’re a lover of color, this room could be just the one to come home to. While it uses two strong and vivid colors, no other accent colors are introduced, which keeps it pure and not overstated. It’s bold to be sure and not for everyone. I, for one, love love love it. #ohsosusan

Each one of these rooms has some tone of yellow/green/chartreuse. I guess you can see it’s a favorite in my book. A little more subtle below, the deep walls and light ceiling gives a cozy feel to this retreat. Texture and contrast complete the story.

This room features the pop of color on doors! I have been a big fan and encourager of painted doors my entire career. You can put a stake in the ground for strong color on your doors without comitting to the entire room. We’ll talk more about doors another post!  A classic Persian rug grounds the room, while navy and teal walls contrast boldly against the chrome yellow of the doors. Be a little adventuresome! You can always change the color of your doors quite easily.

Color adds personality to any room setting. Start saving inspiration photos of your favorite rooms from designers you follow, Pinterest, Instagram, or print magazines. You’ll begin to see that your eye seems to be drawn to a few main palettes that make your heart beat a little faster! *Sigh*

Accent Walls Make a Statement Part II

Accent Walls Make a Statement Part II

One deciding factor for your accent wall design could be color. Color unifies a grouping in a very strong statement. Let’s look a several examples of unifying your accent wall using color.

This basically neutral room comes alive with the addition of these two bold pieces of art. Two images, one color. Size, strong contrast and color all add to the success of this selection. It’s a winning formula!

The image below uses similar colors between art pieces to tie one to the other. A palette of blue hues, with the addition of chartreuse-y yellows, builds interest and pulls the pieces of the puzzle together as an interesting grouping. The placement is interesting and a bit unexpected! Repeated colors give a strong tie to the collection.


In this case, using one unifying color — bold chrome yellow — makes a collection of vintage frames spotlighting children’s art important. Even high gloss chrome yellow! #purestyle #colorcrush. Love.


In the recent design of my Urban Loft showroom at Black-eyed Susan, I did something similar with a favorite collection of vintage Old Master’s frames, using our Amy Howard chalk paint and assorted waxes. Leaned, layered and grouped together, these beauties are some of my personal favorites.

Find a common factor to tie your wall decor collection together. For these examples, COLOR sings the language of #purestyle. Get your own mojo going with a color to make your room pop!

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