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After nearly 3 weeks of non stop intense Christmas setups and making merry for my personal home and clients alike, I’m finally getting to the task of sharing some of my favorite inspirations with you!

The Season started with decking the halls at my Charlotte, NC home just before Thanksgiving and ended with 10 complete home installations in Bucks County. Each year, my elf team and I arrive at our destination armed with every possible creative tool, a keen designer looking bluetooth speaker for Holiday tunes and enough energy to get us on the path to a personal, custom Christmas story for each home. It’s truly a team effort and in some homes, the homeowners get involved as part of the creative team! It really is #themostwonderfultimeoftheyear  .

I’ll start with my home! Even though we don’t spend much time there yet, we will be there for a week or so during The Holidays and I always think the effort is worth the reward of warmth and the glow of my rather extensive Christmas collections! I’m not going to lie though, during the 5-6 day set up process, at times I wonder…so just press on, or you can hire the Black-eyed Susan merriment team!

Taking inspiration from my great room accent colors (navy and hot pink) i decked my tree with ornaments from oversized navy, white, hot pink, and a good sprinkling of glitter! Glitter is the secret to making any tree pop!  I have a great collection of glass birds in white and blue hues and this year, I made it seem like a large flock of birds landed in the very top of the tree. So darn cute! The trend of ribbon in trees is not as fashion forward these days, but I wound some flexible white curly willow branches into the mix and it is a great place to dangle smaller accent ornaments from to give additional interest and motion.

Luckily, during the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, I had some time to wrap a few gifts for under the tree. I love coordinating my wrapping paper colors with the tree decor and collect beautiful papers as I find them early in the season. You will note that there are a few pink accents in the bibliotheque as well. No need to go half way! Carry your theme throughout


The family room is white…yes, I said white! I know, it’s quite a departure from my usually normal lively color! I did select one wall to paint a deep high gloss navy, which ties nicely into the navy over-dyed rug I selected for the dining room which is a completely open concept room. My accent color is hot pink, using it in pillows, art (as seen below) and small accents as found! During the holiday season, I have incorporated my collection of Christmas items (tinsel trees, Santa and smaller accent Polish glass ornaments) on consoles and my coffee table.


These darling white flocked bristle trees have found a home atop my oversized, striking art pieces and I giggle every time I glance at them. I love this! One of the tips I offer for Christmas decor placement is to try to incorporate them into objects (i.e. lantern) that are everyday things to avoid having to find homes for these items when you place your Christmas things out. I did replace my everyday greens and botanical leaves with pine sprays and flocked picks, and another tip is to place your everyday items in the storage bin you took the Christmas things out of! That makes for easy replacement when the holiday comes down.

For the Christmas season, I removed my normal hot pink pillows from the great room and replaced them with metallic silver and white seasonal pillows! You will see little accents of the hot pink ornaments under the table and dropped in vessels here and there to complete the story.


There’s the beginning of the tour and I promise a few more in the next few days to add to your Christmas inspiration and encourage you to file away ideas for another year. I love being inspired by other designer’s ideas and sometimes we take you to a creative vision beyond what you would think of yourself.

So stay tuned and tomorrow I’ll continue the ” Susan tour” with more inspirations and my personal favorites!

Falalalafabulous, and then some!

















Susan’s Christmas Details! Browse through her North Carolina Home.

Susan’s Christmas Details! Browse through her North Carolina Home.

Today’s post deals with more details in the great room and the importance of unexpected placement and personal accents that bring additional interest to your room. Think outside the box and let your ideas abound!

I often start with clearing my dining table and getting my assortment of favorites together to see my options! Don’t feel the pressure to use every single thing you have. It’s fine to give certain collections a rest for a year, then re-introduce them into the mix again next year. Let’s take a look at some details in my 2017 Christmas design.

Using your drapery rod to hang finials or special ornaments like this. These ornaments are oversized and dramatic and hanging them over the rod is an easy peasy way to add this drama! Tie your cord or ribbon the length you want using a double length. Tie a knot in the top and create a slip knot over the rod. This makes it super easy to take down and just as easy to put up again! One key to making this interesting is making each of your ornaments at a pleasingly different length. Use any special ornaments that work together and make sure you have several diameters to create interest. I used a beautiful gray velvet ribbon, about 3/4″ wide. Tinsel cord works equally well.

Also note the use of seasonal pillows to put seasonal spirit into the room!


Last year I added these beautiful blue-hued pinecone ornaments. They found a home on my tree last year, but this year I re-invented them by laying them in a bed of snow, using three identical tall glass cylinder vases. They sit on a console that divides the great room from the dining room, and so the sight line between the two rooms is not compromised at all. When I was finished, I laid these glittery starbursts right on the top and was super pleased with the design! Note that I have a variety of shapes and sizes to create interest. This may make the cut again next year! Love.

I have stated before that using your everyday accessories to place your holiday accents is a great idea! See below the addition of the Polish glass ornaments (mini/pink) in the white ceramic vase collection. It’s just a cool, unique way of putting the finishing touches on. Generally, I do this at the end of a design session when the brain and feet need a rest! I also re-dressed a small cloche using a pink tinsel tree and placed it on top of a pink Kate Spade coffee table book. So cute!

The bowl in the center of my two banked coffee tables has been refilled with ornaments, icy succulents and bristly pine boughs. This simple reuse of an existing container becomes key to my centerpiece drama and remains ready to return to everyday use next month!

Tomorrow I will show you how to bring Christmas cheer into personal rooms such as your bedroom or bath! A simple and quick touch in these rooms makes my spirit soar! Look for these ideas in tomorrow’s post.


All is Merry and Bright

All is Merry and Bright

The Black-eyed Susan team proved successful and ever-creative in another lovely home in Princeton Junction, NJ today! Splitting into 3 teams, we spread merriment throughout the house from a beautiful walk-in closet to the majestic foyer with curving staircase. Each room in this large home was trimmed, draped and decked with holly.

Yours could be next!


White pine garland+icy maple leaves+white tipped sugar cones+white stag horns+Luminara candles = Pure Style!

And that’s what you’ll find happens with the BES team making merriment in your home!


What can I say…this friend was found among the specialty ornament collection. May the force be with you…

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Two more Christmas setups tomorrow! Come see the magic.

A Week of Christmas Magic

A Week of Christmas Magic

Tomorrow marks our first day of holiday setups for our design clients who have booked our service to deck their halls with our merriment and magic! Six days packed full of fun. (Really!) Don’t be surprised if we show up with music and bags of snow. We take this seriously!


The Black-eyed Susan dream team (magic elves, basically!) arrive at your doorstep with a van full of tricks and inventory specially selected for your home. This platter consists of a gold shatterproof garland, glittered, bronzed pinecones, stag horns, candlesticks and our fabulous tiny battery operated lights! Oh. My. Whether this is for your island, coffee table or dining table, is it an instant centerpiece.


While you may not want our featured hot pink (!), we embellish lots of chandeliers with lush greens and ornaments. It’s a favorite request from clients each year. Pick your color and we will show you how! You can book us for next year…tii late this year!


You will always find a large selection of cloches…tall, small, dotted, etched, mini, oversized…I have them all!  This one is protecting a snowy owl with a garland of snowy, sparkly pine cones. A personal favorite, all around!


This is my second year for the snow-tipped sugar cones! We sell box after box of the plain ones, and this year I also have fabulous metallic gold ones! They are going fast, so come in soon! They are magic in a tree, on a mantle, tied together in a deep window or piled on a tray. Pour a little snow over them and you have a real statement!

I’ll try to keep you posted with a tiny vision from each setup we do this week. My team will be doing one day long setup or two half day setups all week! (Did I hear manis and pedis come at the end of the week?!)

Stay tuned for pure style and pure magic. Follow us on our instagram page too for live inspirations! #besusanstyle

It’s sure to be a week of high energy, high style and sheer exhaustion.

Oh, Deer!

Oh, Deer!

We installed our first client setup today! Yep. November 10. Since my store is all decked out, we’re in the mood and this cute family can’t get enough of the Holiday spirit. I dressed the dining room chandelier with ornaments, packed to the gills. Oh. My. An already glamorous and sparkling chandelier became even more delightful with glittering ornaments, silver…champagne…mercury glass…I love this!


Looking from the dining table…just see what I tied into this light fixture!




I piled my beautiful sugar cones in this unused firebox and added a gaggle of silver balls in a garland (shatterproof!). Then I added one strand of our LED tiny lights with a battery pack! Voila. Pure magic!


A lovely foyer with an open staircase, much in the style of Gone With the Wind, was the perfect stage for the most beautiful greens I’ve seen! I added some favorite boughs cascading at the cap of the newel post and my favorite satin ribbon with multiple tails for drama. Ahhhh!


This stately fireplace mantle was calling for a row of teeny, tiny sisal trees…who says you can’t curate a “collection” all at one time?! This just melts my heart. A vintage map below grounds the whimsy. Ohsosusan.


This collaged wall of favorite framed art was also the recepient of a trio of tiny trees! The perfect Christmas touch.


I took this 50″ tray from my personal stash (!) to complete the dining room centerpiece. The table is dressed with our Kitchen Papers chevron gold and white paper runner. The tray is reflecting the runner! Filled with an oversized silver punch bowl footed container and oversized ornaments, frosted pinecones, silver accents and snow, this is the perfect statement for a fully extenced dining table for 10. Oh, what fun it is!


My 10,000 square foot store is decked out with holiday throughout! Whether it’s a gift for a friend or for your own personal home, it’s all here for the taking. Until it’s gone, that is….

Come see the magic. Susan’s biggest, best Christmas Collection ever! Hope to see you soon.

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