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Susan’s Wednesday Night Magic!

Susan’s Wednesday Night Magic!

Those of you who follow my blog know about the magic of the Wednesday Night Late Shift…the newest and most interesting inventory is reviewed and we find new inspirations as we walk the showroom, looking for the perfect placement for each exciting addition. #purestyle

I’ve added more of my favorite realistic and tender ferns…so much motion, you’ll never guess they don’t need water! (Check that clever piece of art behind them as the spots are blown off that dalmation! Oh. My.

These fresh picked tulips will fool your local florist…the weepy, fresh feel will make them your favorite too….pink or fresh green. Just. Got. To. Have.

Crystals are popping up in all the right places…these beauties mounted to acrylic bases make beautiful accents for tabletop or bookcases, bathrooms, or hall consoles…Wow!

I had to add a little pink…(is there anything wrong with that?!)

Remember the trending black and white I reported from market…my order came in! Lots of new black and white pillows for your selection!

…more black…more white. more style.

Spheres are a great accent for any tray, bowl or dish. Add several to a container of succulents or place some in a pedestal dish…this color just sings the right #purestyle . Navy and gold…what could be better?

So…Thursday should be on your radar each week to browse Black-eyed Susan for the newest additions, and right after market, when my new orders are making an appearance is the perfect time. It’s really full of inspiring displays and new offerings!

Hope to see you! You won’t be disappointed.

Fresh ideas. Fresh inventory. Fresh color . #ohsosusan #purestyle #colorcrush

Make time for a Thursday visit!

Susan’s Stylewatch Report #hpmkt2017 | Day 4: Lighting

Susan’s Stylewatch Report #hpmkt2017 | Day 4: Lighting

My design team is constantly on the hunt for interesting new options in pendant and chandelier lighting. High Point Market is one of the best for research, sourcing the latest introductions, and finding dynamite design client options. Let me show you a few of our favorites this Market!

Take a look at the special chandelier in the foreground with the interesting wave formation inside and outside the shade. Wow! In the background of this showroom (John Richards) there are other options that are variations of the same as well as some glamorous natural stone designs. Beautiful.

This new introduction from Robert Abbey is stunning. Poured glass octagons are individually attached to form a beautiful orb in several sizes. Use this in a master bathroom, bedroom or hallway. Love.

There’s magic in this piece with the appearance of floating bubbles! Shade of gray and clear baubles make it even more interesting and they seem to float in the air above you. Imagine this above a round dining table, master bath or guest bedroom. The new Elegant Lighting showroom inspired us with additional designs, but this was one of our favorites.

Another pick from John Richards is this modern midcentury-looking 12 arm chandelier in a polished gold finish. Picture this in a formal dining room, living room, master bedroom…well, you get the picture, anywhere!

My last inspiration is from Visual Comfort, a favorite stop in the C & D Building. This sputnik will find a home in my new guest room! Satin brass, semi flush and #ohsosusan! Available in several sizes, I selected the 32″ for some added drama. Look back at my post with photos from the room a few posts ago, and I think you’ll agree it will be a great addition! #purestyle

One more day at High Point Market 2017! It’s been raining for the last two days so hard it turns your umbrella inside out and pulls you down the street like a parachute. Oh. My. Another day with the same forecast, but the hunt is worth the pain. 

So…until tomorrow, ponder these fabulous lighting favorites and maybe one of them will become your favorite too!

Susan’s Stylewatch Report #hpmkt2017 | Day 3: It’s All About Gold!

Susan’s Stylewatch Report #hpmkt2017 | Day 3: It’s All About Gold!

Each market, there are trends that emerge quickly as we walk the halls. Certain color trends, finish trends, accessory trends…we identify these within the first few days and find them repeated again and again with different interpretations.

With this in mind, I’m here to say that the finish of the market is gold. Gold. Gold, and more gold! It’s not going anywhere. We have been seeing larger introductions each Market from all vendors. I documented several examples of gold finishes that I will share with you! Go for it. Gold is really in. #purestyle

I’m loving the gold metal accents on this new coffee table introduction. Those legs! Those bands! Love. 

I love the way this mirror floats, attached to the frame (satin gold!) with bands in the same finish. The wall color makes the floating mirror more dramatic. This satin brass is a very prevalent gold finish all through the Market. 

Even the smallest detail in furniture hardware can make a statement. Gold, of course!

The photo below captures both the coffee table, and a significant accessory. Did I say that gold has taken the top spot?!

How about a trio (or more) of hanging pendants in gold? Instead of one sizable pendant, try hanging a collage of the same pendant in assorted sizes and at different heights. Make sure to select your favorite in … yes, a gold finish!

This one is perhaps my favorite of the #makeminegold suggestions! This custom painted piece of art is a stylishly bold example of metallic gold set against white. Choose your size, and consider booking two together as shown below. Love. Love. Love.

As one final example, look at these vintage artifacts that have taken a place as accessories…you got it, GOLD. 

I’ve incorporated this trend into my new home in the last room I’m completing…look back to my Instagram post and the latest blog post on my guest room. It’s a pleasant departure from all the polished nickel used throughout my new designs. Don’t be afraid to mix metals…gold and polished nickel mix beautifully together and add a bit of unexpected beauty.

It’s all about gold. Take a step in the direction of the newest finish and step into #ohsosusan style.

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