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Say Hello to Michigan Style

Say Hello to Michigan Style


The next few days will be the exciting culmination of months of planning and designing. After driving 10 hours today with the Black-eyed Susan van and a 12 foot rental truck full of the last details, we begin the magic tomorrow! From rooms full of drapery panels to the perfect finishing details, I’ll post our progress and share special details along the way.

This stage of the project is so rewarding! The next few days will be full of organizing, sorting, hanging, detailing, pressing, climbing and placing the last detail. The home that was once a paper dream becomes reality and totally personal for each client.

Expect  to see inspiration from every post. This Michigan lakeside property will speak volumes of organic style, with chic natural accents to bring the perfect personality to each room.,

Say hello to Michigan style.

Catching Up!

Catching Up!

Catching up! Wow. Between my client projects and travel to Paris, I’m feeling a bit behind in life!

Just to let you know, my July Market dates are coming up and I will be filling you in on the newest trends, my “likes” and “don’t like” finds (!) and, of course, the shoe report between Linda and myself!

10 days in Paris really spoiled my sense of style in all things, from food to architecture, to beauties of all kinds. Paris is full of style! Time permitting, I really want to share some of my adventures there with you…but it occurs to me that I had better make time before the holiday season hits me hard…and, believe it or not, that is just around the corner!

I’d love you to check out my new website! It still has a bit of construction to be completed, but you will find new and exciting things there. So, even though I have been an absentee blogger, there have been lots of exciting things happening in my Black-eyed Susan world. Keep checking in with me and I’ll try not to disappoint!




I just returned from an exciting finish/installation to a project in Michigan and this organic accent was one of the cool things I designed for their bar area. More to follow!

Natural Beauty: Susan Does Michigan!

Natural Beauty: Susan Does Michigan!

After arriving in Michigan with a 12 foot van packed skillfully to the max, and the company van loaded to capacity, we arrived at our destination ready to create beauty and comfort for our clients.

The selection process has been fast moving and exciting! Three bedrooms, luxury home office, living room, dining room, and media/game room, not to mention four baths, came together in three long days.

My team–Linda, Sneelock (you may also know him as Fred), and myself. An overnight stay in Ann Arbor, put us in the next day mid afternoon. We had energy enough to unload the entire contents of our vehicles, placed marked boxes in assigned rooms and began unpacking with zeal. The homeowner was coming into town the next morning and we wanted to get her reaction to the initial placement as much as possible and prepare for the furniture delivery the following day.

Linda spent a good bit of the first few days ironing and steaming 146″ drapery panels. The island turned out to be the perfect surface. She had the perfect system going and I joined in the party as well….those of you who know me well, know I love to iron my sheets! The most careful packing in the world coudn’t keep these beauties wrinkle free, and all of our fabric choices were natural linens, thus the pressing was a big project! 15 extra long panels is quite a project!


I’m thrilled to share my designs with you and over the next few days will share imaged of several rooms. We still have a final trip to make with several rooms of draperies and will wait until some of the final furniture and accent pieces are delivered before we finish, but so far I love the design, and could easily find myself in this luxury retreat!

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