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Susan’s Holiday House Tour Part VII Outdoor Living Space

Susan’s Holiday House Tour Part VII Outdoor Living Space

On the Eve of Christmas Eve, let’s take a tour of my outdoor living space…a 20 x 20 screened in porch that really extends our living space. The weather in North Carolina allows the outdoor living space to be used a good deal year round. With the addition of a sizeable fire pit (Ecosmart which runs off clean burning ethanol) , we enjoy this part of our home greatly!

The outdoor living space should not be ignored when it comes to Holiday decor! With a four panel telescoping door that opens from the kitchen, it is visible and accessible as an extension of one of the most used gathering spaces, the kitchen. Take a peek with me  to see how I kept my Christmas theme going in this inviting spot! I love it.

The tree is a very natural “from the forest” shape with a lot of open space and long boughs that fool many. We often use this tree in a taller specimen for my retail store, Black-eyed Susan , as an organic- themed tree where it gets loads of attention and acclaim. My pre-lite 9′ tree has been a favorite for years and continues to find the perfect home this year in our North Carolina space. I have kept a rather simple, organic theme here as well, with oversized pine cones (ever popular on my retail floor) , birch branches tucked in among the boughs, and additional large lights added in for some punch. I nestled in some of my favorite large snowy kale and larger cuts of sycamore at the base of the tree. No gifts find their way out here with the humidity and occasional rain.

The table for 10 hosts a centerpiece of white painted pinecones and snowy succulents. The strand of mercury ornaments light to bring a special ambiance to this area. Assorted votives can be lite down the center of the table. It is a favorite spot for evening meals and family games inluding video games with the help of boosting sites as overwatchsrpros.com and more.


An oversized deconstructed basket holds a similar assortment of large pinecones, snowy kale and wood cuts and the three- wicked Luminaire candle can be remotely lite for our evenings outside with the flick of a remote! Perfect.

I added several seasonal pillows in a contrasting white to this hot pink-themed exterior room and it really completed the Christmas decor for this space!

I took a photo after the sun set to give you another vision of this inviting space with the tree lite. I suggest a remote switch to make lighting the tree easy and make it a part of each day throughout the Holiday. Placed in the corner of the porch, it is visible from the street and is inviting to all. I love it, and often feel a bit lonely when the tree comes down at the end of the season. *sigh*

A week ago, I badgered Sneelock into hanging this branch (curated from the near by wooded area) to the side wall and trailing up onto the ceiling. With the addition of multiple strands of mini LED lights (the same ones I hung in the Black-eyed Susan front window display!) it turns this into a bit of magic. I intend to leave the branch throughout the year for some additional atmosphere and charm!

I hope this little tour has given you some inspiration to carry your Christmas Decor to the exterior of the home as well. These living spaces become inviting areas to entertain and bring the joy of the season into the house just by observation! Go for it. I love this space and it deserves your best effort and creative ideas.


Susan’s Stylewatch Report #hpmkt2017 | Day 3: It’s All About Gold!

Susan’s Stylewatch Report #hpmkt2017 | Day 3: It’s All About Gold!

Each market, there are trends that emerge quickly as we walk the halls. Certain color trends, finish trends, accessory trends…we identify these within the first few days and find them repeated again and again with different interpretations.

With this in mind, I’m here to say that the finish of the market is gold. Gold. Gold, and more gold! It’s not going anywhere. We have been seeing larger introductions each Market from all vendors. I documented several examples of gold finishes that I will share with you! Go for it. Gold is really in. #purestyle

I’m loving the gold metal accents on this new coffee table introduction. Those legs! Those bands! Love. 

I love the way this mirror floats, attached to the frame (satin gold!) with bands in the same finish. The wall color makes the floating mirror more dramatic. This satin brass is a very prevalent gold finish all through the Market. 

Even the smallest detail in furniture hardware can make a statement. Gold, of course!

The photo below captures both the coffee table, and a significant accessory. Did I say that gold has taken the top spot?!

How about a trio (or more) of hanging pendants in gold? Instead of one sizable pendant, try hanging a collage of the same pendant in assorted sizes and at different heights. Make sure to select your favorite in … yes, a gold finish!

This one is perhaps my favorite of the #makeminegold suggestions! This custom painted piece of art is a stylishly bold example of metallic gold set against white. Choose your size, and consider booking two together as shown below. Love. Love. Love.

As one final example, look at these vintage artifacts that have taken a place as accessories…you got it, GOLD. 

I’ve incorporated this trend into my new home in the last room I’m completing…look back to my Instagram post and the latest blog post on my guest room. It’s a pleasant departure from all the polished nickel used throughout my new designs. Don’t be afraid to mix metals…gold and polished nickel mix beautifully together and add a bit of unexpected beauty.

It’s all about gold. Take a step in the direction of the newest finish and step into #ohsosusan style.

New Pendant Lighting go-to

New Pendant Lighting go-to

One of my perfect favorites, the small Bling pendant! I just hung this in the hallway outside my master bedroom and I can’t stop drooling over it! Be warned, every lead crystal must be attached by hand, so be patient or forewarn your electrician!! 

The Bling comes in four sizes and two colors, polished nickel and the newly introduced polished gold! Soooooooo stylish. Just the right amount of ” bling” for sure! Appropriately named. Use it in the master bath, bedroom, dining room, or living room…wait, maybe the powder room? Well, you can we that the locations are unlimited! So, bling away…it’s a home run. Love. This. 



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