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High Point Market: Day 2!

High Point Market: Day 2!


Our second day of market proved inspiring and overwhelming at the same time!

With the thousands of vendors to see, we managed to mark a good number off our list…some, a few hours for an appointment, others a quick drop in. With client memos and a few personal needs as well, we made copious notes and photographs for review and filing. All in all, a long day of walking, “ooooing” and “aaaahing” and being creatively inspired!

Lots of color, from art to pillows to bedding and wall color. I. Love. Color.


Velvet pillows with contrast welt…pink! Oh. My.


Again…pink! It’s on my radar.

Today at High Point Market, I Fell in Love

Today at High Point Market, I Fell in Love


Animal prints will be seen market after market…they remain classic and work with transitional to modern designs.

Zebra, cheetah, antelope, leopard…it’s all good!


Hair on hide benches, chairs, and rugs are stylish options for any room…count me in on this classic trend.


I spotted these zebra and chrome twin benches in the Vanguard showroom and fell in love. Backed up to a sofa, placed in a foyer, or dressing your hallway, these darlings will steal your heart too. *Sigh*

Animal print…it’s here to stay.

Atlanta Market Report, Day 3

Atlanta Market Report, Day 3

Kitchen Papers is a favorite retail partner that always provides an inspiring display with plenty of creative ideas that translate into fabulous reasons to check out our newest arrivals! When we entered the showroom, we made a beeline for a new introduction that was fashion inspired! Another motif was cake/pastry related…in otherwords, “ohsosusan”!

We ordered a fun assortment of this theme and can’t wait to see them on the salesfloor!


Pastries, cake domes, saucepans and all manner of tea party items present on place mats and runners. The one on the right; historic chairs, filled another new design category. In the foreground, our very popular flat wear table runner! Love.



Those of you who know me well know I. Like. Cake. I love baking them, whether it’s my mother’s famous passed-down recipes or a new pin from Pinterest, I’m happy when I’m baking a cake. Naturally, this one stole my heart. This collection definitely made the cut.

These  Place Cards allow you to write each guest’s name on the vintage meat cover, fold and place in a cool holder for your table design. Cuter than cute. Your guests will know that you put real effort and creative energy into your event.

These new designs should be coming soon…if you are a fan of Kitchen Papers already, great! If you want to become one…stop by for some inspiration from my recent selections from my summer Market!



Atlanta Market Report, Day 2

Atlanta Market Report, Day 2

Fresh color did not did not disappoint today! While I and my design staff have been designing with stunning coral color pallets for months, it is always great to see the trend we have proposed and used at the forefront of market trends.


This fabulously bright combination of fabrics designed by Dana Gibson for Stroheim Fabrics drew us into the first showroom of the day. Florals, graphics and the contrast of clean white is both classic and striking. A guest becroom would be a delightful retreat when dressed in this trending color. A personal favorite accent wall could be considered in Sherwin Williams Ardent Coral.


Custom monograms in several font selections personalize this matlisse coverlet…a single letter or a trio, perfect!


Consider navy, perhaps high gloss (!) as an accent wall. Coral + navy + white—Love! Pair this color combination together with crisp banding against white and you are heading for pure style.

Lastly, this graphic and bold coral rug on a dark and rich stained random plank floor will draw any guest in, or perhaps you, the homeowner, for a quiet cozy place to read.


Go for it. Black-eyed Susan has your design vision at our fingertips.

Atlanta Market Report, Day 1

Atlanta Market Report, Day 1


The first stop of the day inspired Linda and I for several bedroom projects that are on our design docket. Fabulous Stroheim fabrics + custom monograms = pure BES style .  Washable matelasses can be ordered with countless colors of contrast  bands. So many choices and custom colors. This coral is a standout for sure and don;t be surprised to see this making an appearance on my sales floor…(or, my new guest room!).

Market begins with fresh energy and lots of shoe choices!

These are the ones that were packed in my suitcase. I guess you can tell by the lighting what kind of working conditions we have in our room…it’s a bit of a challenge, but we are up for the week of searching out the best of the market.

And so we’re off and running!



Atlanta Market, Here We Come

Atlanta Market, Here We Come

You will find color inspirations, fall trends, and the most unique finds on the market during this upcoming week! Places to go, do’s and dont’s for trending styles, and a bit of humor along with design directions and education.

The week is just beginning, so stay tuned for what I promise will be an entertaining ride!

The week is always filled with long days, hard work and a lot of fun filtered into the day. This market promises to be a curious mix, as my best shopping buddy of over 20 years is limited to one arm, due to a fractured elbow, Oh. Dear. I think this will really be an adventure to remember. So here goes, tomorrow starts our market experience. I’ll keep you posted with our trials, best finds and entertaining ways!

Atlanta Market, here we come!




High Point Market style: Picture this Nursery Room

High Point Market style: Picture this Nursery Room

My day of fabulous finds began early as we visited several of my favorite inspirational showrooms. There is always an air of anticipation on the first day of market! Stylish designers abound as the doors are opened to entice all in, each vendor vowing to outdo their neighbor with the best finds and more alluring trends.

Along with placing orders for fabulous new inventory for my retail store, Black-eyed Susan, the list for special design projects and darling clients is long and detailed. Today, in our search for the finishing touches for the new bedroom for the cutest ever two-year-old twins, we came across some oh-so-cute options! I thought I would share a few…

This changing table and mirror just about stole my heart for a new baby room! A bit of modern, almost midcentury modernism with a polished reclaimed look. The removable changing tray prepares the chest for another age and keeps the nursery oh so stylish! I’m in love.


And here’s the matching crib! It has the power to be transformed into a twin bed when needed! I think I this just might be the most stylish, adorable nursery/toddler element to room design that has been introduced at market ever! I’m definitely ready for another nursery design project. I hope you will call me…grandchildren need cool rooms too!


Just look at this bedding and drool….I can’t stand it! It was an “Oh So Susan” find for sure!


A closeup reveals more detail…


Last of all, here is a glimpse at what happens a few years down the road…



Sweet dreams, dear one. Babies. Need. Style.

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