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Sugarfina luxury candies | Atlanta Market Stylewatch Day 4

Sugarfina luxury candies | Atlanta Market Stylewatch Day 4

Our favorite new vendor of the day pick was hands down, Sugarfina, a luxury candy boutique! When asked to describe our business and retail brand, I explained the beautiful area we live in, the loyal clients we love to serve, and our tag line, “We sell style and all the details”! When I tell you Sugarfina fits our branding designed around selling style, I’m all smiles (and a little gaga over the deliciousness and creative marketing as well!).


Sugarfina is sold in every luxury department store throughout the world. Unique branding with nationally recognized wines and champagnes make flavors quickly desirable, and our taste testing did not disappoint!

Take a look at some of the stylishly delicious flavors and colors!


See below for both displays of Chocolate Sparkle Pops, Champagne Gummy Bears, Peach Bellini, and Vodka Cordials.


This is one of several gift boxes available for gift giving, The Candy Bento Box. So. Stylish. So. Delish.


These white chocolate confections only look like olives for a mixed drink! Our stamp of approval for these!


It didn’t take much encouragement to indulge in these specialties! Pop one in your mouth and let the party begin! (They make sparkly happiness in your mouth!)

We’re in the line up for approval to be a local retailer. These delights are meant to for perfect gift giving or for treating yourself. Made from the finest artisan candy makers and sweet ingredients, every candy is packed with love. These sweet gourmet treats are as delicious to look at as they are to eat.

Look for these stylish candies to appear at Black-eyed Susan and be the the star when giving these as your next hostess gift, thank you, or secret admirer. Perfect for baby showers, wedding favors, or your Valentine. Perfect. Sugarfina Luxury Candies are #purestyle!

Falalalafabulous Christmas preorders | Atlanta Market Stylewatch Day 3

Falalalafabulous Christmas preorders | Atlanta Market Stylewatch Day 3

After a third day of Christmas resourcing, we completed our 2018 design stories. Three trees are planned and one novelty tree with something sooooo darling! We generally reveal these during our October setup, but I will give you a little sneak peak of one of the color stories we have planned.

This selection will be the basis for one of our large trees. Clear, soft gray, charcoal, shimmer and glitter. Now that’s a winning combination!


Here’s another closeup of our inspiration tree from a favorite showroom, Winward, featuring a long time friend Jim Marvin, who designs the White House Christmas every year. Look for his special ornaments for this tree!


Here is a perfectly dramatic oversized wreath designed with the same collection. Because it is difficult to see the scale of this beauty, the next photo has a full sized 9 1/2′ tree next to it. This wreath is extra large, stunning, and expensive! That’s a Christmas formula to be anticipated!


This will help you see the size!

Our third day ended with tired feet, sensory overload, and our heads spinning with how many bristle tabletop trees, sugar pinecones in assorted finishes, Santas, sprays, garlands, mache houses have we ordered … the list is endless. Now to edit and make sure our budgets are spot on. It’s really not all play! This buying gig is an intense and taxing seven-day job…but it is always entertaining and fun with my market buddy and CFO, Linda, along!

Day 4, here we come!

New store brands! | Atlanta Market Stylewatch Day 2

New store brands! | Atlanta Market Stylewatch Day 2

We search for #purestyle every winter market in Atlanta, especially from new vendors. Today, we found Green Apple Home Style, a fabulous firm showing for the first time in Atlanta. Green Apple Home Style is based in Portugal and we were instantly drawn into the booth by soft, soothing colors, fur accents and bejeweled details. New looks are always exciting, and just imagine 25 years of retail sourcing and buying … you get a bit tired of the same old, same old.

The offerings were beautiful, unique and chic. I’m afraid my photos don’t do justice, but I’m sure before long, you’ll see some of these gorgeous pieces in my store.

This velvet pillow with fur-trimmed ends and a rhinestone heart. The unique, elongated shape of this lumbar beauty drew us right to it! What’s not to love?


Although we were a bit stumped on what the exact use would be for such a tray, we were totally intrigued by the fur detailed one below! Fur is totally trending, whether in jewelry, home decor, or couture fashion. It’s all about fur! Love.


The beauty of this oval metal vessel is enhanced by the interesting addition of a tiny band of rhinestones around the inside rim. (The reflection of the apples and bananas is evident in the next closeup). The extra long and narrow shape is supported by the slender pedestal and would make any room a stylish and posh one.


This handsome chair boasts a gold leaf frame with a burn-out fabric in a graphic neutral velvet. The inside back contrasts with the interest of a tufted outside back.


This breathtaking mint colored pottery collection stole my heart. Tiny bands of gold accent the lids perfectly and I can see using these in several upcoming room designs I am working on.

Hats off to this new vendor discovery, Green Apple Home Style! Fresh color, fur accents, jeweled details…it’s a win-win.

Tomorrow, we dive into order writing for my 2018 curated Christmas collection. Three trees of exceptional color palettes (to be revealed!). I’ll keep you posted on the progress and give you some hints of what to anticipate!!





Christmas ornaments in #allthecolors | Atlanta Market Stylewatch Day 1

Christmas ornaments in #allthecolors | Atlanta Market Stylewatch Day 1

Another long day of Christmas 2018 designing and selecting has ended! We placed our order today for the 2018 stories…to be revealed in October 2018. Email me your wish list and we can meet to discuss what rocks your style.

I sent an email out last night regarding your special orders for your own Christmas delights, offering to preorder these darlings (talked about on my personal house tour in my December blog) from sooooooo many color options! These babies are some of my favorite little magic tricks, with that #ohsosusan style touch, so versatile and so full of #purestyle.

There’s not just one blue to choose from, but 13 or 15! Same with pinks, reds, whites, oranges, greens,….well, you get the picture! It’s like being a kid in a candy store!

delightful colors from The Whitehurst Company


In the Whitehurst showroom, I snapped this quick photo of inspiration, showing size options and multiple color choices. Oh. My. Love.

The Whitehurst Company’s showroom … soooo inspiring!

And this is only a few of the selections! I’ll have my sample box in the next few weeks and you can call to make an appointment to stop by and pick out your color favorites.

Day three is fast approaching, so stay tuned for more Style Watch!

High Point Market: Day 2!

High Point Market: Day 2!


Our second day of market proved inspiring and overwhelming at the same time!

With the thousands of vendors to see, we managed to mark a good number off our list…some, a few hours for an appointment, others a quick drop in. With client memos and a few personal needs as well, we made copious notes and photographs for review and filing. All in all, a long day of walking, “ooooing” and “aaaahing” and being creatively inspired!

Lots of color, from art to pillows to bedding and wall color. I. Love. Color.


Velvet pillows with contrast welt…pink! Oh. My.


Again…pink! It’s on my radar.

Today at High Point Market, I Fell in Love

Today at High Point Market, I Fell in Love


Animal prints will be seen market after market…they remain classic and work with transitional to modern designs.

Zebra, cheetah, antelope, leopard…it’s all good!


Hair on hide benches, chairs, and rugs are stylish options for any room…count me in on this classic trend.


I spotted these zebra and chrome twin benches in the Vanguard showroom and fell in love. Backed up to a sofa, placed in a foyer, or dressing your hallway, these darlings will steal your heart too. *Sigh*

Animal print…it’s here to stay.

Atlanta Market Report, Day 5

Atlanta Market Report, Day 5

Summer market in Atlanta is the perfect place to resource new vendors for additional summer and fourth quarter merchandise. This week we walked several floors of The Gardens in search of hip outdoor furniture and cool resources for summer entertaining with style. We weren’t disappointed!


On the top of our favorite color list for sure…coral! This powder coated small bistro set, imported from France,really stole the show. Many colors, many styles and affordable as well! There are larger, more substantial chairs as well and many table options. Ohsosusan for sure!


…who doesn’t need a pillow that indicates the weather and your mood?! “Rain” on one side and solid on the other for sunny days and outside play. Color options, all in Sunbrella performance fabrics. I. Want.

This fabulous find will make your party planning stylish and convenient! Polka dots, stripes, chevron…color after color, you choose! Baking cups, muffin and cupcake papers and candy or cookie bags…oh, so cute! I’m planning on taking special orders for my first order placement. Stop by and review your options, I’ll put your order in with mine at a special discounted price to get us all on point together. I can’t wait!

Cute furniture, outdoor rugs that pop, baking papers to match and custom phrasing on your pillows. What more could a girl ask for? (Well, maybe a cooking buddy and a someone to hang the paper lanterns.) Stop by for more inspiration and cenerpiece ideas for all your summer entertaining. Black-eyed Susan is always your destination for the cutest and most stylish ideas. Come see the magic.

Atlanta Market Report, Day 3

Atlanta Market Report, Day 3

Kitchen Papers is a favorite retail partner that always provides an inspiring display with plenty of creative ideas that translate into fabulous reasons to check out our newest arrivals! When we entered the showroom, we made a beeline for a new introduction that was fashion inspired! Another motif was cake/pastry related…in otherwords, “ohsosusan”!

We ordered a fun assortment of this theme and can’t wait to see them on the salesfloor!


Pastries, cake domes, saucepans and all manner of tea party items present on place mats and runners. The one on the right; historic chairs, filled another new design category. In the foreground, our very popular flat wear table runner! Love.



Those of you who know me well know I. Like. Cake. I love baking them, whether it’s my mother’s famous passed-down recipes or a new pin from Pinterest, I’m happy when I’m baking a cake. Naturally, this one stole my heart. This collection definitely made the cut.

These  Place Cards allow you to write each guest’s name on the vintage meat cover, fold and place in a cool holder for your table design. Cuter than cute. Your guests will know that you put real effort and creative energy into your event.

These new designs should be coming soon…if you are a fan of Kitchen Papers already, great! If you want to become one…stop by for some inspiration from my recent selections from my summer Market!



Atlanta Market Report, Day 2

Atlanta Market Report, Day 2

Fresh color did not did not disappoint today! While I and my design staff have been designing with stunning coral color pallets for months, it is always great to see the trend we have proposed and used at the forefront of market trends.


This fabulously bright combination of fabrics designed by Dana Gibson for Stroheim Fabrics drew us into the first showroom of the day. Florals, graphics and the contrast of clean white is both classic and striking. A guest becroom would be a delightful retreat when dressed in this trending color. A personal favorite accent wall could be considered in Sherwin Williams Ardent Coral.


Custom monograms in several font selections personalize this matlisse coverlet…a single letter or a trio, perfect!


Consider navy, perhaps high gloss (!) as an accent wall. Coral + navy + white—Love! Pair this color combination together with crisp banding against white and you are heading for pure style.

Lastly, this graphic and bold coral rug on a dark and rich stained random plank floor will draw any guest in, or perhaps you, the homeowner, for a quiet cozy place to read.


Go for it. Black-eyed Susan has your design vision at our fingertips.

Atlanta Market Report, Day 1

Atlanta Market Report, Day 1


The first stop of the day inspired Linda and I for several bedroom projects that are on our design docket. Fabulous Stroheim fabrics + custom monograms = pure BES style .  Washable matelasses can be ordered with countless colors of contrast  bands. So many choices and custom colors. This coral is a standout for sure and don;t be surprised to see this making an appearance on my sales floor…(or, my new guest room!).

Market begins with fresh energy and lots of shoe choices!

These are the ones that were packed in my suitcase. I guess you can tell by the lighting what kind of working conditions we have in our room…it’s a bit of a challenge, but we are up for the week of searching out the best of the market.

And so we’re off and running!



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