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Rooms That Pop with Color Part 4

Rooms That Pop with Color Part 4

In Part 4 of Rooms that Pop With Color, let’s study the value of contrast.  Below, we have vivid complimentary colors repeated in various places-walls, typography, teapot and books, and a bright, playful chair! Once again, the addition of my #ohsosusan favorite white comes into play. Brilliant!

The orange wall below pops against creamy white walls and keeps an otherwise quiet room filled with personality and style. White plays into the theme once again.

The power of strong contrast, in this case, turquoise, white, and black, presents a great background for this art collection. Don’t be afraid of some bright color! Small doses bring your look into play.

Take a look at this saturated color, gently pulled into a nearly neutral upper wall and ceiling. I love the ombre paint and here, you see how white plays such an important part in the success of the room. Remember my white + one color formula for success. It works every time. Perfection !

My last example takes two strong colors, both seen in the above rooms in different applications. Now, they are paired together with great success. And, once again, white is our pop of contrast! Orange and teal play well together here and create a purely happy room!

Don’t be afraid to express your own color dream! These rooms are memorable ones filled with personality and boldness. There is something about rooms with color that just makes my heart sing! Why not create a little tune of your own?



20 Rooms That Pop With Color! Part I

20 Rooms That Pop With Color! Part I

Paint is my magic wand. That has been one of my key “Susan Tips” since my career began, over 25 years ago! I’m going to post 5 rooms that sing with color for the next few nights. I’ll give you examples of contrasting color, accent color, complimentary color, loads of color, a bit of color…unexpected color…you name it, you will be inspired by color! Hopefully, you’ll want to find a way to add a little (or a lot!) of color to your room. It’s pure magic.

This first room is a strong statement of complimentary colors. Chartreuse and teal is the palette. Wow! The print is in the art, everything else is basically solid and strong, strong, strong. White trim and white drapery rods! Unexpected on the rods, but I like it! The white trim is tied together with white accents in accessories. You know how I feel about white! The rug is a softer version of the strong tones of the room. Nice.

This next room is a great example of the use of an accent wall. This method of introducing color into your room has become more popular again. Gray is the basic neutral, used in the carpet and the sofas. One brilliant accent wall in orange. It’s just plain happy.

I’ve noted black being used as wall color in stunning designs! Black. My followers know I’m a strong proponent of ceilings being painted the same color as the walls…but in this case, I totally agree with the contrast of this white ceiling. While black is the absence of color, it does make for a striking amount of drama. It’s all about contrast in this case. It’s moody, strong, and fabulous! Of course, I love the use of the brushed gold faucet too. If you stop by my new design studio when it is completed, you’ll see the use of black as a wall color!  Can’t wait. I love this room. Black might be a bit outside the box for your style, but put it in the back of your #stylebox file and you might just find a time to use it.

Here we have the strongest accent color on the ceiling! Navy gloss just steals the show here. Stark white walls and citron green draperies and roman shades just make this room speak the language of color. While this room is eclectic in the furnishings, the deep value of the navy against the bright pops of green (not to mention that fabulous ceiling fixture’!) make this room memorable. #colorcrush

The last room for tonight has some similar color themes to a few of the other rooms, but in this case, it’s all about pattern + color. The scale of the large flowers, along with the vibrant color choice keeps this room from being juvenile, and in fact, rather chic! It’s a rather interesting and bold choice of color for the baseboards too. White would also be great, but I like the fact that this designer is not afraid to make a statement.

The images for this series of blog posts were all found on Pinterest. Loads of ideas, and you will find so many choices…some exciting and fabulous….some not to take too seriously. You’ll find a theme of color stories in the next few nights as well.

So, that’s my first 5. Stay tuned for the next 5 and make a file of your favorites!

High Style in Naples, Florida

High Style in Naples, Florida

Thanks to a delightful invitation from a darling friend and colleague, my summer was complete with an entire week spent in her stylishly comfortable home!  Each room was completed with striking color, personality and the perfect placement of accessories…and those of you who know me, know that I am quite a snob when it comes to that!

I’ll walk you through some of my favorite rooms!



Who wouldn’t want to spend the week in this dramatic guestroom with one of my favorite color palettes ever! Navy and chartruese punctuated with pure white. Oh. My. Perfect patterns and pure happiness. I fell in love with the oval coral mirror. Legacy Linens found the perfect home here…and so did two of my grandchildren!

Thibaut Wallcoverings had me right here! This orange (personal favorite!) turtle motif just makes my heart sing. Ann added the framed turtle print and a beautiful white valance bordered in orange (not seen in this photo) makes this charming bathroom a home run!


I’m just setting the stage for another room-office/guest room. A mirrored desk, coral themed mirror and navy/orange coral printed drapery would make bill paying a happy event! I’ll try to get another photo to show the brilliance of the colors here. Once again…pure style!


Yes! This tells the story of the room’s color! The comfy sofa pulls out into another bed when needed…I’ll take that orange pillow with oversized buttons, please!  I. Love. This.


Even with the glare on this koi painting, the beauty shows through. Add a brilliant orange chair for reading and a cozy throw and who wouldn’t find solace in this room?


Ghost chair + mirrored desk = stylish work space! Check out the rug!!


Close-up of the drapery choice! What’s not to love?!


Navy and orange follow into the great room. The pop of pattern on the pillows, 100% linen pillows in orange, and this contrast welt and nailhead banding is striking, strong and hip! The Riverside Sofa from Vanguard is one of my favorites for comfort and drama. You’ll sink in and never want to leave!


Ann’s choice of art in this room could go with me anywhere! Modern botanicals pop on the navy wall and carry the color theme from the office. Classic ginger jar lamps add the perfect classic touch and once again, perfectly placed details. The lounge chairs in the background reverse the colors of the sofa, using white with navy piping. Perfect, again!  Notice the striking accent of color on the tray ceiling. I. Love.


This unexpected mosaic steer cheered me each time I walked into the room. Really, a personal favorite! What’s not to adore…chartruese backdrop, turquoise mosaic steer head and a free floating frame on the wall. So cute!


Can I just say that this Bling chandelier will make the cut for my new home under construction! The whole formula for design in this room is soothing and ethereal. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt walls, the modern hand knotted subtle rug, white sofa, glass table with mirrored tray and white accents punctuated with dramatic blues. Ahhhhhh.


Favorite Vanguard Michael Weiss console + mirror quadrant…what can I say? I’m reliving my vacation retreat all over again! Everything about this room speaks the language of style. So beautiful.


Could this be more perfect?! Pink! How unexpected and full of personality. Love.


Dining room centerpiece! Divine.


I’m pretty sure I was staying in a 5 star boutique hotel when I was in this room….

Custom Legacy Linens fit the hotel feel of the room, and a favorite chandelier to set the mood made this a real room for retreating, reading and relaxing. Chevron drapery framed windows looked out onto a beautiful courtyard pool. I guess you can understand why evenings were a welcomed time of day!



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