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what a year you were, 2020

There is no doubt, 2020 will be a year to remember!

Not too long ago, I had a conversation catching up with a treasured friend. When I asked how she and her husband had been faring through Covid-19, her report was full of the most positive things that had happened in their lives due to quarantine restrictions. More one-on-one time with her executive husband, evening dinners together, time together in a remote family home, and the list went on. I felt totally uplifted after our visit and decided to take a similar approach.

2020 year-end totals for inspiring and memorable projects include:
4 kitchens
4 living rooms
4 family rooms
4 powder rooms
3 home offices
3 master bedrooms
3 master bathrooms
3 dining rooms
2 sitting rooms
2 bedrooms
2 laundry/mud rooms
2 hall bathroom renovations
1 child’s room
1 guest room
1 club room
1 English-inspired pub room


Homes are more important than ever now, and we have had a year of making them more cozy, more beautiful and more personal than ever. Our clients have trusted us both remotely and in person as we followed pandemic protocol to continue creating the #purestyle Black-eyed Susan is known for.


A lot of collaboration with clients for interior design in 2020 went virtual. If you were one of our clients, there was a lot of back-and-forth like this:



Early in January, we started on a renovation for a returning client, this time for her Bucks County home. The client left for Florida and we started the renovation, doing much of the presenting and selecting via long distance after the primary selections were completed. You’re looking at a presentation for a second story bathroom overhaul using the existing exotic granite countertop, with two wallpaper options and shower flooring. Who votes for the chartreuse?! Me.



Black-eyed Susan has an expert on staff for 5-D generated renderings. 5D is 3D with the ability to rotate the image and see the room from all vantage points! The room literally comes to life and you can see your selections and walk through the room! Our project manager Amy Lee is the expert and suddenly, we can’t live without this visionary service.


When a new space comes alive in such a personal manner, envisioning isn’t just for the designers; a homeowner can see what we see as we create. Amy is the master and we call on her expertise as often as we can! It’s a whole new approach to design we are proud to offer. And just in case you would like to see your great room at night with the lights on, or looking into the room from the backyard, well, she can do that too! Oh. Yes.


And here is the final design at installation! Navy, gold and white set the stage in this fantastic Fort Lauderdale condo. This is our client’s vacation home and everything was designed remotely. In the dining room we used wallpaper by a favorite vendor Phillip Jefferies called Rivets. It is navy manila hemp with gold “rivets.” It creates a beautiful statement wall. Sisal natural rope mirror looks beautiful against the hemp wallpaper. It adds a nautical nod and reflects the fabulous water views. We are all loving the lines of the dining chairs. Navy leather, diamond stitching and gold accents … need I say more! Married with a white marble dining table, this dining room is ready to entertain.


And of course, there was a lot of working from home!
Creating a home office retreat for a busy small animal vet was such a pleasure. One perfect desk + a fabulous favorite rug + a stylish etagere from the BES homestore + a beautiful window valance created a home run for this in-demand professional. Adding the accessories is icing on the cake for me! 


Work never looked better. Another one of our Covid office projects shows a saturation of teal on the walls, grounded by a modern rug in shades of blue, teal and white. White lacquer desk, chic office chair and the addition of wall mounted shelves was a place for me to add styling! And we do love the valance fabric.


Looking out to the pool was an option, but we positioned the desk to view any family or guest entering the room. There is a large format piece of art on the opposite wall … I’ll save that view for another time!  (Zoom in to view that white tray filled with teal glass stones, selenite rods, frosted glass spheres and polished nickel accent sphere! Love.)


Working from home, and hairdressing at home! Right in the middle of the pandemic shutdown of 2020, I underwent rotator cuff surgery for three tears. With my dominant arm disabled, my Sneelock stepped in and became chef, nurse,  driver, cleaning service and yes, my hair stylist! This tender photo of him saving me from 10 weeks of wigs or hats is a memorable and favorite of mine! “Sneelock won’t mind”! And he didn’t. xoxo


Styling was one thing I did a lot of during Covid. A client would take a photo and give me some measurements and then turn me loose! I might diagram my vision, and after a doorside pickup, they would execute the look, sending photos and texts for our direction. “Move the books to the left a bit and reverse the two vessels on the right side,” and with instructions like that, we got it just right. The reward was a joint project at completion! We are experts at #perfectplacement and always willing to lay it out, diagram and collaborate for the perfect styling.


You may have seen an Instagram post I shared a few months ago using this mantel! Our installation was completed when the client was safely tucked away in her Chicago location during the long months of isolation. I styled three options for her mantel, using the same mix of accessories, then photographed and texted them to her.


We can’t fit all of our favorite design moments from 2020 in one post, so click here for more glimpses of the kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms that got designer treatment this year!


Here’s to a New Year of #purestyle, joy and sharing. More smiles. More hugs. More kisses. And always, more beauty for your home.