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all the ways to light up a room

It’s all about lamps and mirrors! With our lighting sale going on, I thought I’d take you on a personal tour of my 10,000 square foot home store & show you all my favorites. And you can tell—it was hard to decide! It makes a difference to see a lamp perfectly placed in a room setting, where it helps tell a style story. Let me show you how the right lamp makes it all come together!

The profile of this lamp is what makes it a great choice! I mean really … a little bit of brass, the contrast of oil rubbed bronze with an added touch of the ever trending lucite … what’s not to love? Use this on a sideboard, desk, or even a bedside. The sculptural nature of this lamp makes it a little piece of art! To further make a statement, I accessorized the sideboard with a unique sculptural candle holder in the same finish. I went a little outside the box for the use and added fresh green reindeer moss, assorted sizes of interesting matte finished vessels and the addition of assorted size Luminara candles. Paired with the story is a great mirror in the same black finish—yes, on sale as well! A great lamp should help tell the story, and this one definitely does.

A trio of matte gold starburst pendants are full of #purestyle! I paired three pendents in two sizes, a larger one in the center. I’ve used these pendents several times in projects in a variety of ways … a vaulted loft great room; a foyer; and soon, you’ll see them in my new beach installation! I’ll be sharing progress and photos soon.

These pendants are a fabulous value with beautiful finish, and lend ample light. Used in a trio or in singles, these are some of my favorites and sure to go fast with the current lighting sale.

The sculptural nature of this lamp, as well as the size, makes it a very strong statement. Recently installed in a man’s office renovation, it was the perfect height and practical size for his large screen Apple computer! Two lightbulbs with chain pulls gives a little added style to the practical use for this, and the slender oblong profile takes up a smaller footprint while lighting up the workspace. Two of these would be just as fabulous on either side of a sofa, or try it in a foyer. Nicely tailored, it has a wide range of appeal.

I draw your attention to the interesting shape of the neck of this lamp. Sometimes, it’s the little details that make a real impact. Black is more neutral than you think, and there are many uses and places this will work. A bit of contrasting metal on the neck and base, along with an oval shape to the base and shade, make this lamp a striking piece of art. Use this in a great room, a masculine bedroom, office or rear hall, you will find it lends drama and strong contrast to any setting. I paired it with black accents and lighter contrast with a black leather sofa. Take a walk up to my Urban Loft showroom upstairs to see for yourself! A closeup gives you a great vision of the organic texture that speaks the language of current style for so many applications.

While I have a large variety of dressier lamps for the sale, this one combines form and style with the textural interest seen here. Again, lucite adds interest on the base of the lamp. I see this lamp used in more casual settings and something of an organic room setting. The height of the lamp is a fairly grand scale which adds practicality to its use for reading, task lighting and large-scale sectionals. It’s a favorite!

This beauty combines polished nickel and white stone for a dramatic dressy attitude. I love this one and recommend it for a fabulous master bedroom, guest room or sleek living room. Paired here with black glass cabinets, crystal candlesticks and beautiful silver appointments, it shines. This favorite is as beautiful to the touch as it is to the eye! Bring in your photos and basic measurements for expert interior design advice and help in making the perfect selection for your space. This lamp is simply beautiful and here for an assortment of spaces in your home.

You really must see this one in person! A stone base and two handblown discs make it a true piece of art. I always love the shape of a rectangular base—it doesn’t take up too much of a footprint, which allows an accessory junkie like myself a place for other complimentary objects! Here, I’ve balanced the lamp with additional stone birds and a small trio of reindeer moss filled vases (all one piece!). This lamp is such a fine balance of organic mixed with high style. *sigh*

Here we have gold + crystal = classic style. Think of living rooms, master bedrooms, dining rooms, or a beautiful console addition. So versatile and absolutely, classically beautiful. These lamps will bring style to any of these rooms for years. Faceted crystal make this lamp a striking addition and soft brushed gold makes it soooooo current! The extra height also adds just the right amount of drama! Take advantage of the lamp sale to find a perfect statement for you. This one just sings style.

It’s difficult to find the perfect size lamp to use on a mantel! For this sale, I bought three or four pairs that will fill this need. One of the issues is the size of the shade, it can’t be too wide so that it pushes off the mantel. You will find a great selection of buffet-sized lamps that I love to use on narrow spaces, whether it is a mantel or a narrow sideboard. I’ll share more of this category that I expect to receive soon. Light up your mantels for a nice bit of glowing charm.

What speaks out with this lamp? The base is a combination of lucite and satin brass—note the little feet! A tall column of satin brass continues to lend style here with a bit of a tailored tone. Used as a single or in pairs, this lamp can be at home in the dining room, entry, or guest room. Why not purchase something that can move around the house when you want to refresh different areas? Here is just the one! Versatility makes this lamp a perfect choice to move around when the mood strikes. And, don’t miss the striking mirror that I’ve layered it with. Round and a dramatically sized, this mirror can be used in a bathroom, bedroom or dining room.

This lamp and mirror combo is a great example of scale and placement. It’s always the best design advice to have your sightline be uneven when pairing lamps and mirrors or art. There needs to be a height difference of just the right amount … is that a formula?! A trained eye can help, and that’s what you’ll find at Black-eyed Susan. When you meet with our home store staff, photos always help and some basic measurements. Together, we can create and stage the perfect lamp for your needs and even add the complimentary accessories to complete the story.

The mirror is the perfect size for that difficult vanity or powder room. Lucite rods and polished silver accents make a real statement, and can be dressed up or down. Here, on a stone wall, it leans towards a more casual vibe, but this same mirror on a dramatic wall of sleek wallpaper could be the dressiest room of the house! Leave it up the the professionals on staff to lead the way. I’ve included a handful of this size of mirror for the sale. It’s not always about the dramatic large mirror that makes the statement.

The lamp is a rather tall, narrow profile and I’ve used it on an 11″ deep console! Note how the scale is really perfect and functions well here. (That collection of hand thrown, hand painted pottery pieces are really calling my name here too!) Back to the lamp, shagreen finish on the column, mixed with polished chrome, is an interesting combination sure to make a statement in your space.

At times, it’s all about color! (Well, often, for me, it is!) Navy is classic and #ohsosusan right now. Tell a story with your lamps … here you will see the navy and white theme repeated throughout the mantel design in art, accessories and lamps! These navy lamps boast a frosted finish and unique shape. (There’s that lucite again on the base!) Beautiful white shades add to the drama as a contrast and complete the story here. I find these to be great used for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and more. Ok, the family room too! Pair navy with chartreuse, soft or bold pink, orange … the list goes on … and don’t forget white like I did here! Feel free to change your accent color when the mood strikes.

Nothing adds a bit of moxie (your personal style!) to an accent space like a small lamp for atmosphere. Some lamps are not so much for task lighting as for a bit of soft, soothing glow. This is one of those. I love using just such a lamp on a higher piece of furniture such as a high boy, hall chest, even the top of a bookcase. Consider leaving the light on as a welcoming beacon for returning home or a midnight trip to the kitchen! It’s all about creating the right mood. This little accent is high lacquered black/blue (it can go either way!) It won’t take much of a footprint to deliver a whole lot of style and warmth. You’ll fall in love with it.

Just arrived, this slender, tapered and frosted column lamp is unique and lovely! Is it grey? Is it blue? That all depends on what you want it to be! A beautiful combination of frosted pale color, shiny nickel and clear crystal makes this a real statement piece and oh-so-perfect for so many spaces. We are experts at suggesting the unexpected uses for each lamp in the store and will help you find that home for the lamp you love. I love this one. When I start the purchasing process for the lamp sale, I find that some lamps are best in pairs and some are more interesting as a single accent. Leaner, taller lamps are in the “pair best” category. Chunky, shorter lamps often work best as a single accent. If you’re unsure, let the professionals be your guide. You’re sure to see them displayed in the way I suggest for their use.

Wow. What I love about this one is the rustic, organic nature of it. Not too tall, not too broad. Mix lucite and iron for a sleek yet organic touch. The glass ribbing on the neck takes it to another level. Use it for a dressed-down Joanna Gaines look or a New York loft. I’ve used this several times for custom rooms I’ve designed and find it to be very versatile. It’s here, waiting for you, and at a great promotional price!

Teal is really making a big statement in the world of design. This deep, rich, glazed lamp (and there’s that lucite base again!) is a hit in my book. I’ve created a whole story several times around my store with this one grounding the setting each time. The color can’t be beat, and the size and shape command any room. I’m always surprised when some of my favorites linger around, and you can see from the tag that this one is a great steal! Make it yours and make a statement!

Come in and let us help with your personal style to compete any space in your home. We sell style and all the details.

Hope to see you! Susan