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walking into an #ohsoSusan Christmas

So much goes into each season’s Christmas planning, and so far ahead! The planning and designing begins in January for the following Christmas—a full 11 months ahead. My front window and the front entrance (shown here) are thought out in detail with many notes documented. (You’d be surprised how much you can forget by the time the setup comes the following November!) I seldom anticipate or plan to have this inventory to sell … it’s all about setting the stage for a #falalalafabulous Black-eyed Susan Christmas. You can imagine how surprised I was this year to have sooooo many requests to purchase both my front window and my foyer entrance elements!

The theme for both this year is a magical snowfall. Pictured above you’ll see an abundance of boughs and branches loaded with falling snow sprays, sparkly greens and a strand of 2,000 soft white LED lights. It is a little bit of magic. My curated Christmas Collection for 2019 is all about lights … tree lights, battery operated lights (you’ll find loads of ways to use these throughout the store), candles with timers and remotes and so many options with what to do with them. See the favorite silver and glass hurricane in the bottom right of the photo … the equation to remember is snow+flower+lights. It’s beautiful and adds fabulous atmosphere to any room.



Here, you get a spotlight on the the foyer mantel and a brand-new vendor I partnered with this year. I was drawn in by the pale blue deer collection you can see on the mantel. When something speaks to me in the buying and designing process, we then begin to build a story around those colors. There is plenty to be found to compliment this gorgeous blue, and I’ve found that it works into many basic gold and silver themes if you’re looking to add to  existing collections. This unusual barn art was an example of our blue-themed plan and it did not disappoint!  It puts a slightly uncommon spin on our historic Bucks County barns and brings a peaceful feel to the design.



Well, that’s a glance at my front entrance. Plan to stop in … changes happen often as inventory sells. It’s a happy/sad event for me … while I am generally sorry to see things gone, there’s always something just as fabulous waiting to take its place.