bright newness

The color resonates both a vibrant energy and a calm, bright newness. Layers, pealing away and curved edges–perfectly imperfect.

a house of harmony

Ahhh white! The rounded and imperfect shapes of the stones and roses and chairs. The linear shape of the sofa, table and books. The forms in harmony as you hope your house will be.

shades of purple

How many multiple shades of purple are there? The seemingly endless layers of an artichoke, the bold and intricate architecture and hello-art pencils that we love!

invite freshness

Life is sweet, tender, loving and juicy. The freshness of the color green and the shapes overlap each other.

awaken the senses

I see riding in a classic car past a market, experiencing the vivid burst of architecture and nature’s bounty … all awakening the senses that inspire the interior.

to mimic perfection

How soothing and luxurious is nature. The evening sunset and fragrant roses inspire the multiple shades of pinks, oranges and reds. Oh, how can we mimic perfection?

what do you see first

We learn about what we like by where our eyes are immediately drawn. What do you see first? Pattern, color? Orange, purple, green?

design done well

Inspired by Van Gogh’s words. The purity of the blue, the carefully carved filigree iron gates, the classic well designed moped, the natural beauty, the organic lines of undersea creatures and a simple dramatic interior. It takes thought and love to create beauty.

technicolor tension

My inspiration is to juxtapose the modern, nature and culturally rich landscape. Which comes first? The vivid color tension in the garments turquoise and fuchsia explode and set the tone. To then connect with the modern fabrics and the richness of the roses. All in perfect harmony.

shaping your ideas

The shades of grey, black and white are at inception. Sip on your coffee and luxuriate in your creative senses. Out of that the harmonic shapes arise.