Susan Taylor
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beach house decorating for en suite bedrooms

Continuing on the tour of SeaStyle, our new beach house installation, I want to take you into a set of bedrooms and ensuite baths. Let’s start with the bunk bed room—designed for the youngest visitors to tweens, and everything in between. Two bunk beds (when did bunk beds become a matter of style?!).  Yes. Here they are. Polished nickel accents and a rather urban organic finish mix together here. Navy and orange sets the theme with plenty of beach-related art and accents.

And what visitor wouldn’t want to hang out with this knitted octopus?!

This shows off these hip bunkbeds!  Polished nickel sled legs and a small opening framed out in the same finish separates the beds. I knew the moment I saw these beds some years ago that I would find a home for them in a project … I just didn’t think it would be mine! Washable navy coverlets are accented with orange and neutral boho tasseled bolsters for the twin beds. The top bunk is a favorite place to claim with a built-in shelf for your tablet or phone! Yet to come, the wall lamps for reading on each level … backorders are painful!



A good look at the bedding selection and our knitted octopus friend! It’s so fun finding the special touches that add personality to a room.



There’s plenty of storage in this high boy chest … and two shark banks work perfectly here, with no interference for the wall-mounted TV! This room could be a children’s dream room.



A full bed makes this room a perfect hangout space for cousins or siblings—or a young family.

Note the barn door application for the closet door. Well into construction, I discovered that while I had succeeded in getting maximum headcount for sleeping in this room, I wouldn’t be able to open the closet door! The idea occurred to me that a barn door would solve my problem and my contractor was on board. Perfect solution, and it still allowed for a small night stand. The other side of the bed boasts a reading lamp, so one nightstand was sufficient!



In choosing one overall color for the walls and ceilings (painted ceilings are a career-long trademark), I elected to use bold color in each bathroom. Here, the orange accent of the bedroom is carried into the private bathroom. Navy accents in the art keep the rooms connected. When you have your color stories planned, it’s easy to find art that marries the two rooms. You’ll be surprised how much fun it is to search (or hire Black-eyed Susan!) to complete your designs.

One of the challenges was to find the perfect-sized mirror for a small ensuite bathroom. Here, I was restricted to about a 28″ mirror and to compliment that, I found a modern rod style LED vanity light that provided plenty of light and style all at the same time.



These darlings came from Black-eyed Susan inventory. I guess I’m a bit spoiled with the perfect resources close at hand … I guess that’s what happens when I’m the buyer! The camera images speak the language of vacations and family time without being solely beach themed. I selected these for color and content. Love.



This bedroom is all about soft mint paired with bold chrome yellow. My inspiration was this fabulous “wave” patterned pillow and window valance. A queen bed here is surrounded by curated accents in just the perfect hues of mint. Art, lamps, bedding … it’s a whole package! The bedding throughout the beach house was designed with the main focus of easy care. There are loads of possibilities and we are experts in finding them!



The small accents and accessories were pulled from the back room at my home store, and what fun it was! (I’ll let you in on a secret, there’s more of these “No Shoes Required” pillows hiding in the stockroom, going out on the showroom floor soon!) When I landed on this fresh color palette, the rest was easy. I love the art throughout the room…above the bed you will find two watercolor beach scenes—somewhat impressionistic, but perfection for this room. Ahhhhh! And I love, love, love these lamps. I could be a happy guest in this room.



I was soooo surprised to find this rug in my unique colors! Thanks to one of my best rug vendors, Surya, this room was grounded in yet another performance rug that completely tied the room together. Interesting accents of mint-colored coral and a shallow dish with a mint interior completed my palette. I added some mint blue glass pebbles and a striking sea anemone to the dish. Not to worry! There’s still plenty of room for a book and your phone. And P.S., you can charge your phone when you flip up the back of this night stand … USB ports can be found inside!



And what good advice when vacationing! Just a gentle reminder why you are there … take it all in and enjoy that sea air. Just a 5 minute stroll to the end of the street … an almost private beach!



Here’s that color pop again with the mint ensuite bathroom. In the mirror you can see a sailboat that makes sense of the yellow accents. There’s no chance a hard yank can pull out these towel hooks! Mounted on a finished wooden backboard screwed into studs, they should withstand many a guest towel. And that fabulous inspiration fabric is repeated in the shower curtain! Call me for more information on this; other colors are available.