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NYC Park Avenue Primary Bedroom + Office

Enter the Primary Bedroom and the same serene feeling continues. My customer’s vision was to have the sophistication of tone on tone creamy hues punctuated by satin gold finishes in art, lighting and accesories. Custom bedding, finely tailored draperies, and custom painted furniture all make the perfect story for this well appointed room. I think the only thing that made the cut was the lasting beauty of a wool sisal broadloom carpet. The painting began (one color throughout), months of order time ( over 12 to be exact!) Each detail of the room was curated over 18 months to bring this posh 5 star bedroom to a finish.

A tiny before shot of the newely designed master bedroom…what a difference!













A favorite and very select trio of art becomes the hero here, and washable bedding welcomes the two adorable and dear King Charles Cavalier Spaniels pictured later to be introduced! Creating ample storage room was paramount in the design plan and finding a fit for a double dresser and two large night stands proved a challenge. Voila!

This oversized chandalier is a larger gesture of the design. The secret to using an oversized selection of this scale in a moderate room is the perfect height. Too high or too low would make this a mistake. Perfect placement!

A classic tufted bed looks like it could have been here for several generations, yet is updated in current #purestyle. Lamps function as sculpture and function. Minimal accessories keep a clean, yet detailed finishing touch. I’m a bit of a maximalist, to be sure (!) but love love love this edited room.

Step into the personal home office of a top NYC retail executive. This office was a dream to design and curating the art for this room a pure delight! The homeowners were a total burst of joy and gratitude, generosity and so receptive to my suggestions and direction… I feel I might be forever spoiled by this project!

Original office (below), formerly used as a guest room.

Voila! A modern, stylish office fit for any New Yorker!

Included in the final preparation and curating items for the finishing styling proved a time for me to return to my love of collecting. I perused multiple Bucks County antique haunts for vintage trophy cups and items to punctuate this personal space. Oh, what fun! Vintage book collections from the former family home were collected and reused here. Perfect! I spent countless hours curating and specifying the acrylic painted art, all equestrian themed and custom sized to fill the exact space I desired. Both color and subject were a prime consideration. We had this double lateral file cabinet made, and hand selected custom hardware to find the exact size that was functional in form and beauty.

As noted, when you study the space we had to work with, we packed plenty of style and personal function into this room. When I look at this favorite etagier, I am forever reminded of a 6 hour delivery into the heart of NYC, where my husband, son, and retail manager carried this beauty up 11 flights of stairs, twisting, maneuvering, and lifting over each flight of banister rails. The piece was just shy of fitting into the elevator and two delivery firms had turned me down for delivery. It is the absolute PERFECT final touch, don’t you agree?!

Reviewing the elements of the room, first and foremost, a custom comfy chair for execurive relaxing, catching a quick nap, or conference calls. I added a signature shorter floor lamp that provides task lighting at a height that doesn’t require standing to turn on. Oh. Yes. I’m not going to lie, I was told many an interuption in a group Zoom meeting has been inturupted to inquire about the personal details of this completely custom office! I’ll take that as a compliment and can’t help but love the executive’s excitement for the finished room. (I’m smiling!)

The balance of sculptural objects, lighting, books and frames are styled to please the eye, while a narrow drawer hides work pads and/or an iPad at a moments notice.

There is a perfectly sized executive desk in the room as well….I think I have a shot of that view somewhere! One element that is not visible is a beautiful, natural blonde hide rug that is effortless as well as useable.