Juliana Ferrazzi
project files

living here: a Bucks County farm retreat

We had a lovely family from California call us in to transform their newly purchased Bucks County farmhouse. One little thing … there was a deadline. In just three months, the moving truck was coming from San Francisco along with the parents, kids and dogs who would be calling this house their home. On to generating ideas!!


This project was a success when it comes to virtual interior design, before virtual interior design consultations became a thing in 2020. With the client still living in California, we only met with them twice to complete the project right on schedule. Record time! Fortunately, the house was 10 minutes from the design studio. It basically became our second home while we were checking regularly on the painters, floor refinishers, carpet installers, electricians and plumbers. It takes a village.

This entry sets a welcoming tone for this farmhouse. This entry table took four (strong) men to carry it through the front door! And it was worth the effort. I tried to move it a 1/4 of an inch and it wouldn’t budge. It has a solid stone top with rustic edges, resting on an elm base made of reclaimed beams. It’s accented with oversized glass jars and filled with the wildflowers pulled from the property. The homeowner loves natural materials and I fell in love with this hand-knotted, 100% wool, woven rug from India. The craftsmanship shines through in the detail-rich motif colored in soft hues of blues, greens and greys.



The homeowners had a vision for what the house could be, and they trusted us to make that happen. Adding personality is key. Unlocking the potential of a home is our job! The wood beams did not exist before; they were awkward bump-outs that created an unsightly ceiling. I brought a contractor on site and the plan was to create faux beams. They brought in the wood and we had multiple stain checks, to assure we had the color just so. All of the contractors worked together. While the painter’s scaffolding was up, the carpenters borrowed it and installed the 3-sided faux “beams.” The look of the beams is amazing. They make you want to look up! The beams add drama and history to an otherwise underwhelming room. (And now you know our little secret!) It now called for a massive chandelier and one of my favorite companies, Visual Comfort, had the perfect look for this house.



Maximizing on space was key in the living room. The room is actually quite shallow, so creating a seating area to fit the family  proved to be a bit of a challenge. We needed enough seating space, while preserving plenty of room to walk behind it. I found myself doing a computer layout as well as taping the pieces out on the floor. Sometimes you just need to double check! As they say—measure twice, cut once. In order to accomplish what we needed, a fabulous bunching table that was only 19″ deep gave us plenty of room for drinks and snacks. It is made of a combination of wood, metal and travertine top on the two sides. The large sectional and swivel chair provided ample seating and flexibility for gathering and TV watching.



The overall palette is calming, but we need some colorful accents.  Bright garnets, mandarin, lemon and fuchsia were the perfect colors for this lively family. Combining seasoned antiques, rustic wood, hammered metal, rich marble and textured fabrics created a cozy and comforting space. Painting is a  great way to change a staircase. We transformed the staircase by painting it in Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray.



The homeowners are avid readers and they love listening to records. This sitting area has become one of their favorite spots in the house! Slim oak frames wrap the supple leather chairs, providing deep seating. The footstools, made of vintage rugs, are there to prop up your feet while playing favorite tunes. Hide rugs are a great way to add a rug to an awkward shaped area. This hide rug captures the seating space in a unique and organic way.