There are two ways to get started on your interior design project with Black-eyed Susan. A complimentary “Meet a Designer” appointment at the store is a great way to check out our team of professional designers and our menu of services. The complimentary in-store design consulting service is the perfect solution if you’re working with a few problem areas or if you’re furnishing an entire home. We are here to make it easy!

Not sure what the answer is for you? We’re happy to help! Contact us directly, and you’ll have the answer within one business day.

“Each and every time, Susan and her team does a fantastic job. Her ideas are creative, innovative and exciting. Her choices and recommendations are of the latest styles. Her color choices, combined with the selected furniture, is superb. Each and every home that was decorated by Susan was finished on schedule and within the budgets which we all agreed to. I have sold some of these homes after they were decorated by Susan — and they were sold for a higher price and in less time than other existing homes. Each purchaser stated that the homes were in perfect condition and there was nothing to do except move in. ” Patrick Beach, Full Service Design