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Accessory Calls

Accessory House Calls Bucks County, PAWe are well known for the perfect placement of all details!

From art, succulents, tabletop decor, lamps, mirrors and floral arranagements. Our team first visits your home to assess decor accessory needs, take measurements and photos, and give you an inspiring vision to complete the room. We then return with multiple options, place the accents, while incorporating any favorite pieces you already own! You review everything for a couple days, and if necessary, you can bring back whatever you decide not to keep.

From our experience –you will love the vision created and be thrilled with the final results!!

Want to find out more? If you’re new to Black-eyed Susan, book a FREE 30 minute in-store consultation!
Come in to discuss your home decor accessory needs with one of our designers and go home with a vision for your project.


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