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Interior Design Trends in 2015: Juliana Ferrazzi on WWDB AM

Black-eyed Susan designer Juliana Ferrazzi joined Paul Russo’s Real Estate Today show on WWDB-AM to share interior design trends coming up in 2015. Listeners who tuned in last Sunday got an overview on color trends, mixing metals, and the kinds of projects underway at Black-eyed Susan right now! Listen in starting at 32:30 and again at 43:00 to hear Juliana guide this real estate advisor on what’s catching on this year in home decor.

Color Trends for 2015

Paul Russo: Share some of new trends coming out in 2015.

Juliana Ferrazzi: Let’s start off with color, that’s one thing people ask — whether you’re staying in your home and starting fresh or if you’re selling a home and want to make it appealing to new buyers. Grays and taupes, of course, have been popular, are a nice, calming neutral base, and that’s going to continue. So for anybody that’s been doing that, it’s still on trend and it’s going to be a great way to go.

Pictured: Mixed patterns with gray and taupe neutrals

Another great nice color combination is to go bright. We see some beautiful chartreuse, which is kind of a lemon-lime color, with turquoise. It’s a really nice combination – it’s bright and hip and lively, and really adds a nice dynamic mix. Another way to go, is we’re actually seeing some jewel tones come back, and they’ve been away for a while—meaning emerald and navy, or purple. Instead of those real specific brighter jewel tones, it’s taking those colors and keeping them rich and intense but making them more muddy for a sophisticated look—things like aubergine or maybe merlot.

Pictured: Juliana’s take on Pantone’s jewel-toned color of the year

Mixing Metals for 2015

Juliana Ferrazzi: Another thing is mixing metals. Anybody who’s been out there shopping and has seen it knows that gold is really on trend in 2014 and you saw it everywhere. In 2015, gold is still going to be on-trend, so if you still have brass chandeliers and you think oh gosh, I need to change it, don’t worry, you can hold onto it. (Unless it’s a really old look—then I would reconsider!) But you can mix matte gold or burnished gold in with it.

Pictured: Juliana’s copper inspiration palette

In 2015, a big metal is copper. So it will be that beautiful, warm tone. You’ll mix that with different browns. It’s a really unique look, because if you already have that oil-rubbed bronze finish like a lot of people do in their faucets and their kitchen and bath, if they like that look already, they can start bringing in copper that brings sophistication to the earth tones.

Mixing Prints for 2015

Juliana Ferrazzi: Another thing is pattern. I’m a huge fabric girl, I love fabric, I love color. A way to really bring that all together is to mix those graphic, geometric prints and then offset that with floral. And when I say floral, I mean a little bit more abstract, not like your grandmother’s floral. So mix patterns, throw in some animal print. And wool– a really soft wool, almost like menswear. So for all you men out there who think interior design is all fluffy —that menswear with a polished, clean look is really happening too.

Pictured: Mixed patterns with gray floral, ikat, and a menswear houndstooth plaid

Hit Refresh for 2015

Paul Russo: Do you have any other advice or new trends coming up?

Juliana Ferrazzi: Ways to keep on trend, even some little quick things you can do, is changing your lamps and your mirrors, and pillows. You’ll see a lot of that happening right now — changing those old lamps and doing a drum style lampshade, bringing in a few mirrors with metal accents. And wallpaper, wallpaper is big, big, big. The updated patterns available now are hip and fresh — we say go for it.