Juliana Ferrazzi
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making your home a haven

What comes to mind when you hear the word haven? Likely your favorite things; different emotions; a sense of calm. Perhaps even a beautiful place you’ve visited, or just a quiet room all to yourself. We all have our own vision.

Often we are busy with work and family that our surroundings take the back burner. We can’t bear to look around our house because there is an overwhelming feeling of dread, disarray and dissatisfaction. We have all been there. But sometimes small changes make all the difference and can lead us to a path of greater discovery. We can reclaim our spaces, love our home again and embrace where we are in this moment in our lives.


We are all yearning for inspiration and beauty. That’s why interior design is so important. It’s not because we just love beautiful things, but it’s because we want our homes to reflect who we are, our experiences and our aspirations. If you’ve come into the home store, you know that each area is intentional. The placement of each and every item is meant to evoke a feeling and tell a story. You can achieve that in your own home.

You can look at our Instagram or our portfolio to see some examples we post frequently. I also found some images on Pinterest to give you examples of the small touches you can do to your home. In your entry, add a few favorite photos and a piece of art from your travels. Group together stones or shells you have collected, and create a story on a shelf on your bookcase. Artfully display a beautiful throw with a special antique. Save those bottles you love with specialty shapes and make them important on a tray or in a nook in a kitchen.

It’s your home, your story, and what you love is important. We can help you elevate your favorite things and put them together so they make sense. Making your home a haven takes time and attention so start small. You’ll get there. And if not—you know where to find us.