Juliana Ferrazzi
home style tips

breathe new life into your home with these nature-inspired hues

As a designer, I look for inspiration everywhere. Places like museums, technology, and fashion are always favorites, but nature is the ultimate inspiration. Nature has the most detail of all with its textures, repetition in pattern and the variety of colors.

warm, cool and just right

When people ask for a natural palette, I know they are thinking neutrals. Something calming and restful. But nature has so many bold color combinations, there is inspiration for a lifetime. I’ll walk you through some of my favorite places to look for color inspiration and how we can put them into our surroundings in fun and exciting ways.

Let’s start with the beloved neutrals.

A neutral palette has dominated much of design in the past few years. At BES we love a calming palette that lets textures reign supreme. Great places in nature to look for a neutral palette are grasses, forests, mushrooms and crystals. A true earthy and woodsy feel provide shades of taupe, soft greens and cream.

Very often you’ll see mood boards just showcasing sources of inspiration, but it’s just as important to source images for how that inspiration can translate into design. In this post, I’m giving you both!

There are elegant ways to use a neutral palette. The first is to start in paint colors. In our paint consulting, we typically spec Sherwin Williams paint and we have a few favorite colors. Right now, I can’t get enough of Kilim Beige, Worldly Grey, Double Latte and Palm Leaf. Those colors give us a light and airy base for the rest of the design. When using neutrals, it’s all about layering textures. Luminous marble tile, lovely linens and supple leathers speak in a soft voice, yet make a profound impact.

I always love putting together a neutral palette. It is sometimes the most challenging because each element is so important. One piece can’t stick out too much, or it’s definitely noticeable.

calm, cool and collected

Cool colors evoke a crisp, fresh and luscious feel. Blues, greens and purples are some favorite cool colors. Have you every seen tropical birds? Spectacular. And the variety of purples in eggplants, vegetables and natural stones are endless. Of course, green is one of the most life-giving colors. Beautiful greens are never ending, whether you reference the fields of Ireland or tropical rainforests.

Bringing those beautiful colors are often a bold choice when it comes to paint. But you can do it! Some favorite home paint colors of ours are Sherwin Williams Indigo Batik, Underseas, Clary Sage and Polished Mahogany.

A great place to add these colors is painted built-in. We love painting millwork a high-gloss and a bold color. It adds loads of character to a room, simply with one paint color. Another way is in furniture. An emerald sofa or purple ottomans are a fun expression of your personality. I personally have a navy velvet camel back sofa, and it is one of my favorite pieces of furniture!

warm and lively colors

Warm colors are everywhere. I’ll stick with the classic tones of red, orange and yellow as our toasty inspirations. It’s winter now and we are all wishing for the summer. Think golden fields of flowers and sweet honey. The bold flavors in spices and the fiery dishes we create. That sun-drenched warmth can’t come any sooner.

Some favorite home paint colors here are Sherwin Williams Copper Red, Pennywise and Auric. I love using these bold colors as accents, like fabulous wallpaper in a powder room or dramatic art. Sometimes these colors can be a huge commitment for a whole room. Although, I did once design a room with red walls, crisp white trim and sisal rug … it was fabulous! I definitely encourage using these colors. They add a certain fire to a room like no other colors. A perfect room to try  incorporating warm colors is in a dining room. That is a classic room for reds and oranges, known to be colors that provoke conversation.

Walk outside your front door to search for design inspiration. Keep your eyes open to the trees, once the flowers start blooming again, or in the beautiful colors of animals. Color can be added everywhere. From accessories, wallpaper, tile, rugs, painted ceilings, accent walls, fabulous fabrics … the list can go on. We adore design and creating a world that reflects your personality. Give us a call or stop in for a consultation. We would love to create something unexpected and inspiring just for you.