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let’s take a look at neo-traditional design style!

Each January, we look forward to a fresh new look, with no Christmas glitter on our shoes, sweaters, hair … well, no glitter anywhere (!). New spring blooms in store bring a breath of fresh air after Christmas takedown. In the last few days, a whole new look appeared at the home store. It is fresh, clean, bright and full of inspiration and beauty. I hope you’ll come in and explore the 10,000 square feet of #purestyle to find your inspiration.

In the past few years, we have seen a fresh take to interior design. It’s a new approach to what has been known as “traditional” design … we call it “neo-traditional.” It’s a hipper, cleaner, more unexpected style, yet still keeps a traditional feel. “Transitional” design has been overshadowed by this freshened-up traditional style. It’s all about a personal approach that is clearly designed for … yes, you!

The color navy is perhaps one of the most classic colors in home interiors. Here, you will note that the ceiling is also painted navy (and even in a semi gloss finish!). My newest arrivals include these chic and #ohsosusan white etageres. Against the drama of navy walls, they really speak the language of style. Strong contrast is always a striking statement. Complimenting the setting, I used navy lamps, classic botanical art and clean accessories. While this art is clearly classic, it is taken up a level by using the palette of white and navy. It’s the perfect example of not being afraid to layer … the art is still identifiable and lovely set behind the lamps, vessels and perfectly placed details. Peeking out, you’ll notice a fairly traditional rug, turned into that hip neo-traditional style by the use of color and contrast. Pairing a modern bench with the space gives it a totally here-and-now look. I’ve used it in a living room setting, but it would sing in a bedroom or foyer just as well!


You’ll find fresh blooms, fresh color and fresh style designed in every little space of the store. Pink continues to be a forward-thinking accent color, bringing a certain beauty to classic neo-traditional colors such as navy. I selected lots of white for beautiful contrast!


This new arrival is a real keeper, and has been noted by all who have been observing the floor change. (Word spreads quickly when the glitter is swept away and new room settings take over!) Between a performance fabric (yes, kid and pet friendly!) , comfort, and cost, this one is begging attention and well worth the look. Extreme comfort, practicality and style mix together and speak perfectly of the neo-traditional direction. I popped plenty of contrast pillows here to bring some personality … the table just sold, but I can always special order it for you. Four drawers make this table perfect for storage options such as blankets, books, games, or remotes. Note the tri-height end tables! This room calls for family gatherings and binge watching.


A perfect example of neo-traditional, this console is a personal favorite. Note the dramatic, polished nickel hardware. Against the history of our old stone walls, this piece mixes nicely. White, gray and olive tones are found in the art and accessories. Once again, strong contrast is key here. Love it! These little drink tables are really trending and can be placed in so many spots in so many rooms. You’ll find many such accent tables throughout the store, ready to pop in your back seat for a fresh new accent.


If you have a challenging mantel (this one is so limiting with the ceiling height), my staff is here to help solve that problem design area. Whether it’s a problem of needing a smaller footprint or the opposite, you need large—we have solutions! Again, this dimensional paper art takes your classic room into the future and gives a fresh lift of style. The flanking round mirrors add drama and the perfect shape to compliment this area. Animal print is always a classic touch, yet oh-so-modern and hip. One large vessel defines the chic black and gold coffee table. This teal blue and gold room is just filled with warmth and charm! Gold has made a comeback in a big way. The warmth shown here is a favorite.


I’m loving the many new art pieces that came in just in time to freshen things up! Acrylic printed photos are dramatic and stunning. This diptych offers strong contrast, shiny beauty, and lends the perfect backdrop to a row of tiny white and pink orchids and a long platter of chic selenite rods and quartz.  The coffee table is a new arrival as well and a personal favorite! Two-tiered and banded with a soft bronze metal, it adds warmth and style to the room. Within 10 minutes of designing the coffee table accents, a client purchased half of my design! I’m always a bit sad when that happens … I haven’t had time to enjoy and revel in the new vignette … and, it is always a challenge to come up with something I love as much! But, I think I did it. Watch Instagram for the design change! It happens often. I should get used to it, but I never do!


But really, those selenite and quartz cuts!  I’m selling out of the mini orchids quickly, and you know how I feel about this disruption… *sigh.*


If you haven’t seen this great piece in person, you’d better get here to see it. Generally, it sells within a few days of being on the floor. It’s a great addition to a family room, entertainment area, beach home, media room … between the performance fabric, style, and  practical use, it’s so versatile and so cool! I encourage you to get in to see it before it’s gone yet again.

Take a look at my mantel design! No art, but just a collection of organic, neutral thin vessels all the way across. The stone is lovely and the contrast of the vases brings the room together. This mantel is one of my most challenging ones, being less than 6″ wide.  Bring me your problem mantels! I’ll solve your design challenges.


My smallest room sometimes brings problems with it. (Just getting furniture through the narrow stone doorway is one of them!.) Here you will find our signature line of seating. Design your own size, arm style, leg style and cushion style and have a new look delivered in about 4 weeks! This small-scale coffee table offers lots of storage with a great drawer facing the sectional. The combination of polished nickel banding and hardware with a more organic, whitewashed oak wood makes for a great, updated classic!


So, that’s a quick look at what 2 gals, one fine helper to hang, haul, and place art, and 50 hours of design time can do! I hope you’ll stop by and enjoy the new look and get inspired as much as we did while bringing a fresh, new 2020 look to Black-eyed Susan!

I can’t wait to see you.