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our Christmas looks for 2020

Every curated Christmas collection begins with the January market trip where Linda and I select themes, colors, and all the #ohsosusan style that goes with a brand new vision for the upcoming season! There are 7-8 days of searching, scouting, pondering, imagining and collecting from approximately 25 different preferred vendors go into the next year’s design vision. We preserve notes galore to help us pull it together 8 months later, when the store transforms into the magical wonderland of inspiration and beauty our followers and fans have come to expect!

It always amazes me how many people know when that special week of Christmas setup comes around. Generally the week just prior to Halloween, late night shifts begin to transform the store and you come in to sneak the first peek at what is to come. It’s an amazing time of chaos combined with awe and our fans don’t seems to mind as they carefully step over piles of glittery branches and fine, handblown glass ornaments waiting to be placed.

2020 has been such a challenging year! Of course there was no way imagine such changes when this year’s collection was designed in January of 2020. Home has become the haven of the family and we have everything you will need to make your own family celebration the most special one ever. 

One of the most appealing themes this year is a beautifully soft palette of silver and minty sage green. Mostly neutral, with a blush of color, this theme can blend into most home settings. As usual, our trees are brimming with an exceptional collection of hand selected and curated ornaments, all sizes and suited for the #purestyle expected at Black-eyed Susan. 


Another theme is found in a collection of trees designed in soft blush and gold ornaments. The continuing trend of blush we see at all markets seems to make it’s way into my retail store without much arm twisting! Both Linda and I are drawn to the soft beauty of this collection and these colors are easy to work into tabletop designs from coffee tables to dining tables, mantles and foyers. Pair blush with gold, silver, or white. It definitely calls my name!


The theme of “spectacular lights’ can be seen throughout the store in a big way! Large sprays of flower-like LED ornament picks are dramatically displayed both in trees, and fireplace openings, with smaller accompanying ones placed in centerpieces and mantle displays. I’ve re-ordered all sizes in this category after being on display for less than one week! These are catching the attention of almost every person who walks in the store and it’s no surprise! You’ll see so many ways to make these magical lights work in your home and in all sizes…some remotely operated and some on timers. (I’m not leaving for my Charlotte home without a stash of my own!)


One of the easiest and impressive visual treats this year is the multiple uses and colors of stone fillers … metallic gold and silver in assorted sizes, white, rose gold, mint … small and large selenite logs, stones and pieced fillers work magic in all kinds of containers, bowls, vases, platters and more. There are so many ideas of how to use these fillers; they are instant and so versatile! I love mixing two colors (think metallic gold and rose gold!). 


I couldn’t leave out collectable Santas, vintage style lighted houses, and assorted crèches. There’s something for every age in this category, so tender and lovely. Lastly, the magic of snow. Use it to create spectacular centerpieces with oversized giant pinecones, or make a bed to house a special ornament to spot light. Lanterns, tall vases and every kind of vessel becomes a new favorite when filled with my favorite seasonal snow. (Think of adding a bit of glitter to the mix!) Oh. Yes. 

The store is full to the brim with beauty and dramatic charm. To greet you, a ceiling full of lights and crystal (one of my staff actually called it a chandelier!) fills the whole foyer and this year I purchased enough to sell some of the magic! I often have requests for the foyer specialties when I’ve just purchased enough for my visual display to set the scene, so come in early to get your choice of some of my favorites!

That’s the 2020 rundown! The Black-eyed Susan team makes for a beautiful Christmas season ahead. I’d love to share it with you. 

xoxo, Susan