Susan Taylor
home store

the Paris Flea Market sale tradition

Scouring flea markets in Paris is a favorite tradition! On one of my first trips, my daughter introduced me to shopping at the well-known flea markets around Paris, and we scoured the place for collectibles—art, buttons, books, documents and trinkets. I load my luggage with our finds—and my husband’s luggage too!

I brought the idea back to become one of the year’s most anticipated shopping events at Black-eyed Susan as the Paris Flea Market sale. It’s packed with fabulous home store finds, from slightly damaged or out of season items, to expensive pieces that somehow got overlooked when they lived on the sales floor. Just as I move from stand to stand in a Paris flea market, taking in the best selections to get my thrill, the same thing happens with this yearly event.

Customers find furniture steals, Christmas inventory from last year, gifts, home décor, art, and mirrors. The best of the sale gets snatched up quickly, after the 9 a.m. opening time, so be warned!

It’s become our own tradition here in Bucks County, with people coming back year after year. You hear friendly banter over who sees what first, you see customers accumulating a pile of favorites as they stake their claims. I’ll be there to point out my cherished favorites, with ideas on how to make them yours!

The Paris Flea Market sale is one day only, on Saturday, September 28 starting at 9 a.m. Shop 50-75% off past season furniture and décor or merchandise with minor imperfections. Cash and carry.