Juliana Ferrazzi
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paris is always a good idea

Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea.” And of course, that’s the truth. The famous design show Maison & Object in Paris just ended. It shows all of the upcoming  trends, has wonderful conferences and there are events all throughout the city. I went to the show in 2017. It was the best design show I have ever attended. I was prompted to go because a rug designer here in the states said to me, “You have to go to Paris, that is where it all starts—colors, patterns, styles.” I remember my eyes opening really wide, like a child, and I imagined going there, but that it was just a fantasy.

A year passed and I bit the bullet in 2017. My coworker Jackie Macli helped push me (of course it didn’t take too much persuasion) and I said, “I’m going to Paris-I’m going to the show!” Everyone here at Black-eyed Susan was excited for me and I kept everyone updated with my daily Instagram posts. I went to a  conference where they discussed design and how  it is influenced by what is happening in the world socially and economically. It was a wonderful learning experience and I was in my element.

The colors, products and ideas that were presented didn’t come over to the US right away. It takes about 2-3 years for us to see the “trends” seep into the market. I’m nostalgic as I am following the Maison & Objet Instagram feed. I remember the rainy day I went to the show and how massive it all was, the colors and the people. How heading home I got lost down one of the many cobblestone streets to then find a little cafe and stop—just stop and enjoy the moment.

To then walk across the street to the stinkiest cheese shop I have shopped in! A lovely man walked me through all different cheeses, accompanied by tasting a goat, a cow and a sheep variety. I became completely immersed in that perfect little corner of the city and all of a sudden my feet didn’t hurt anymore. I purchased three kinds of cheese, a baguette next store and I went ‘home’ to my little apartment. Exhausted, yet inspired, I opened a bottle of wine, spread out my treats and I was in complete heaven.

For designers, going to these iconic trade shows are so important. But so is travel. To experience little shops, architecture, nature, different foods and to just keep our senses open. That is how we bring you ideas, unique points of view and how we all try our best to create a different world for you to enjoy.