Juliana Ferrazzi
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how to decide between an update or overhaul: bathroom edition

I was called into to redesign my client’s master bedroom and sitting room. A whole new look and an elegant feel would soon be completed.

Then we peeked into the bathroom, and ouch! That needed a lot of work. It would require significant attention to level up to the new design of the master bedroom. So we had a conversation about the options.

Could we just do an update? Yes.

And just paint the cabinets? Yes.

And just change the hardware? Yes.

And just get new mirrors and lighting? Yes and yes.

Will it look as good as the master bedroom design we just finished and with an amazing en-suite? Definitely not. Sorry!

The main reason was the existing tile and tub. The tile was yellow and orange and there was a massive jacuzzi tub. The color palette was fine twenty years ago, but today it was an eyesore. That being said, the client said she wasn’t ready to redo the whole bathroom. So a paint color was selected for the walls and the cabinets. New cabinet hardware was ordered and research on new lighting and drapery began. We were doing an update, not an overhaul. Done and done.

Then I received a phone call.

She asked if I thought it would be worth redoing the bathroom.

That means, she already knew the answer.

You know how it is: when you have to ask, you know the right answer! I always say, “we can do better.” So if you can do it, let’s do it!

I told her it will be worth it. You’ve lived in the house for over twenty years, the bathroom has given you plenty of use and it won’t have the wow you are looking for with just an update. Enough said.

Onto the tile showroom! We went to Renaissance Tile and Marble and put together two options. Tile for the walls, shower floor, walls and for the bathroom floor. We went with the mother of pearl tile on the whole vanity wall. It shimmers so beautifully, it is mesmerizing. Absolutely stunning! We selected a beautiful grey tile for everywhere else, with honed pebble tile in multiple shades of grey on the shower floor. She selected a stylish Restoration Hardware vanity and Carrera marble top. They have fantastic options that create a semi-custom design.

Last, but certainly not least,  that tub was gone! Hurray! She has told us she is taking many more baths. The bathroom has become her spa-like refuge and they absolutely LOVE it.

So many of our clients are either looking to gut their kitchen or their bathroom entirely, or just update what they have. It’s never in between! It can be hard to determine what direction you should take. For this client, was it worth doing an overhaul? Absolutely.