Susan Taylor
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Susan Welcomes You to Her Home!

Our gated community in Charlotte prevents me from a striking door color….but this is pretty cute! Welcome to our home. Come in for a tour!


Entering our home, I used a vintage china cabinet that I had painted prior to moving. I love the grill work and I have so many collections that I really did want to work into our new home. While the style of our home interior in Charlotte is definitely more on the modern side, I kept a healthy dose of collectables and treasured collections. I have never been sorry! These cherished and currated collections have given me much joy and many fond memories. I’ve tried to spot light a few!


Some of my favorite treasures are volumes of vintage books I’ve collected for 30 years. I’ve gone through so many phases of collecting! Clocks, cameras, busts, buttons, silver, mirrors, trophy vases, china…they have all added to my love of styling, something I thrive doing and love to do for you too! Retailing has definitely helped fill that need for me too.

Another love, vintage letters especially with envelopes! Zoom in to see a small wreath made of buttons by one of my daughters! You’ll find many a framed carded button within my collections too! I won’t lie, I’m pretty thrilled that mixing old with new is finding a revival in interiors right now!


Ah! Here is something I’ve always loved! A small vintage photo of a handsome dog hangs on the outside of my painted china cabinet. There have been times that I’ve thought of putting a pretty console here with a large piece of art above it, but here it still remains!

Note the flanking horn sculptural sconces with a modern flair.


My only guest room sits right off the foyer, but these fabulous soft dusty purple, mirrored barn doors (a gift from my talented son in law) make a stylish and bold statement! The doors give a nod to the color story in the room behind the doors!


Welcome to our home!