Juliana Ferrazzi
juliana's #colorcrush boards

the #mycuratedcolorcrush series

Bring color into your world!

Things we aren’t consciously aware of often affect us. Our home and our surroundings impact our lives so immensely. With COVID-19 self-isolation, we see how much we experience our homes. If we look, we can see how color and all of our collections reflect our personal stories. We’ve also seen how much we crave nature, gathering among people and a change of scenery!

I started creating #mycuratedcolorcrush boards just for fun. Now I have over 100 and I’m making more every day! I’m inspired by color, design, nature, literature and all of the beauty that surrounds us.

Color moves us, enlivens our senses, calms us or inspires certain emotions.

Design and architecture highlight the brilliance of creativity and innovation. The varying structures carry a sense of history and belonging.

Nature is inspirational in all its splendor. The colors in a tropical fish and birds—that is where the drama lies in color combinations. We have nothing on nature; we can never create anything more pure and exquisite. But looking at the shapes and intricacies within nature are cues for design harmony.

Literature and words are so powerful. It inspires us to do better, creates a sense of romantic longing and transports us to a world outside of or own.

These #mycuratedcolorcrush boards include all of those key elements. I curate various images, create a balance and hope the quote marries the images in an inspiring way. I’ve just created a book with them, and I’m looking forward to showing all of my clients the color options they can bring within their own home.Yes, let’s do some deep red, vibrant yellow, calming lilacs or classic navy. Let your imagination flow and take you on a color journey unfettered by any constraints. Cheers to color!

I hope all of the #mycuratedcolorcrush boards inspire you and brighten your day. Maybe they can transport you to places you desire to experience again.