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Lighting Interior Designer

Many homeowners consider the sources of light in their home as a necessity, not an accessory. Black-eyed Susan dares you to think differently! Lighting is like the perfect accessory to any outfit – the right combination of lighting can completely transform the look and feel of a room.

Black-eyed Susan’s designers can help you choose the lighting that’s right for your room design, taking into consideration your personal taste and the layout of your home. We consider things like wall color, furnishings, and accessories, then choose the general, task, and accent lighting that will bring life to the room.

  • General – Used to illuminate an area and meant to fill in the lack of light that accent and task lighting provide.
  • Task – Meant to be targeted on a specific area to help you complete something.
  • Accent – Used to draw the eye to a particular part of a room.

Our designers will show you how to choose the lighting that’s right for your home. We have access to a variety of lighting options, from chandeliers, to flush-mount fixtures, ceiling fans, and even exterior lights. Whether you’re looking for the perfect mounted sconces to serve as conversation pieces or decorative floor lamps to illuminate the otherwise dim corners of a room, Black-eyed Susan can help you find it.

The right lighting combination will create a beautifully functional space. Let Black-eyed Susan style your home lighting! Book a FREE 30 minute in-store consultation or come in to discuss your lighting needs with one of our designers today.

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