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A Dream Bedroom Design to Make Me Swoon

Every once in a while a project comes along that makes my heart sing! Loads of creative moxie, a cute, hip client who not only isn’t afraid, but really seeks something outside the box, and a healthy budget for all things #ohsosusan. Oh, and one more thing…the client listens to my vision and gives me the freedom to go full throttle into something so perfectly above average that the work becomes pure joy. Perfection usually follows!

Due to the world we are experiencing right now, which includes long, long lead times, no immediate inventory, no raw materials, no ocean freight containers and eventually no trailers or drivers for delivery…well, let’s just say our client is forced into being patient and longing for our combined vision to be completed. *sigh*

While we are doing our best to complete the design, delays abound like we have never seen in the 35 years of my career. I’d like to give you a little preview through our 3-D rendering program into this project, caught in the middle of this frustrating time of custom interior design.

To set the stage, my client asked for a moody, sexy bedroom sanctuary for herself and her husband. With an active family of 5 this space (for retreating and winding down, relaxing and ending the day) was saved as one of the last spaces in a large home to be renovated. We hit the ball out of the park on the first presentation offering 2 fully designed palettes. My darling and stylish client made 80% of the selections during the first appointment, and only a few refinements and additional design selections followed shortly after. Sooooo rewarding for both the designer and the client! It really is a homerun for all when this cohesive kind of work comes together.

Take a look from the approach to the room through the door…I designed a fully upholstered headboard that goes almost wall to wall behind the bedside tables. Performance fabrics were important to this project, as a young, active family will at times gather here (plus, one teeny tiny fragile dog!) You never need to fear when performance fabrics are involved. More and more our designs start with them. Easy living has been made more and more stylish and beautiful with fabrics such as these with labels like Crypton, Inside Out, Sunbrella, Performance, just to name a few. The options are limitless and are becoming more and more comfort driven. Perfect.

A fabulous deep grayed-plum color was selected as our theme..  and I mean, walls, ceiling, draperies, some upholstery… the room is saturated in richness. The stage was set! Included in the design– a small rather dressy feminine work desk, nicely sized sectional in the most scrumptious cozy eggplant performance fabric. (We also added a chaise to the layout!) Multiple animal prints were requested as part of the design… we didn’t argue! You’ll find this on the desk chair, rug and custom bedding, as well as accent pillows. (I can almost bet there’s a pair or two of animal print heels that will find a home in our new expanded storage, simulated below!)

We collaborated with a local custom cabinet maker to design a 30 ft wall of expanded closet/storage see in the image below. We ended up with a design including 24 drawers (think sunglasses, jewelry, lingerie, stationary, and you know so much more!). 12 tall doors with shelves, 12 short doors with storage. The design changed from this rendering as we proceeded from concept to reality, but this give you the feeling!  These luxurious built-ins were dressed with Lucite and satin brass hardware. Totally #ohsosusan and totally custom from start to finish.

Now, think multiple chandeliers! I removed two out dated windows from the headboard wall, and although we have a very large picture window on the sectional wall, the size of the room and the vaulted height called for this look. I suggested it and my client was instantly in approval! (Dream client, right?!) More satin gold and lucite for these beauties.

You’ll see a large screen TV above the very cool white lacquer desk, for binge watching when in this cozy retreat.

The view of the room from this side shows the desk, TV, bench, sectional chaise end and a round glass coffee table for late night drinks. (Did I mention that a small refrigerator is hidden behind the built-in doors…and, a printer, totally out of sight!) Another change that was made after this rendering was a full length mirrored door on the left, the walk-in closet-for help in selecting just the perfect outfit!

Now, the vision of a large picture window, stylish, sink-in, can’t leave sectional/chaise, coffee table, martini table, fabulously designed custom accent pillows , and…..tada! a striking custom sized Stark animal print area rug! I added one additional punch of color into the scheme, pulling some dramatic teal fabrics into pillows , the bench, and a custom painted desk chair. This room will have a very boutique hotel feel, with fully functioning lightweight velvet draperies (you guessed it, eggplant!) for room darkening purpose. Can’t wait to see that detail.

3-D renderings are such a fabulous tool for our designs. While we may be able to visualize the project we have designed on the table, it is a skill borne of experience and years of designing. When we present the 3-D images (we are able to rotate on our computer screen, showing the room from any approach) you, the client, can actually see and feel what the room will look like in reality. It’s a game changer for the client and a pure thrill for the designer to see our designs come to life!

The image below is looking down into the entire room, put to scale and showing as close to reality colors and details.

I promise to keep you updated as we move along. Sadly, the process is still several months away from completion….think Christmas?!! Oh. Dear.

This retreat is going to be divine, and I can’t wait to show it to you. Until then, you can dream about it as you linger on each description and rendering. Stay tuned. More #purestyle coming!