Susan Taylor
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beach house bedroom in black & white

This bedroom is really at the top of my list of favorites! With a boho vibe, the tone-on-tone palette of ivory and black really came together. All accent pillows and art came from Black-eyed Susan, as well as the furniture. I selected Universal Furniture, one of our favorite vendor partners, for their commanding combination of value and style. All bedrooms from this project are from their current collections.


You’ll recall that the base color for the whole interior is Sherwin Williams‘ Worldly Gray. I have found this color to be the most universal, not too cool, and it stays consistent in almost any light or time of day. It has become a signature color for so many projects that I highly recommend you try it.

I’m just going to go on the record that I really dislike having to use ceiling fans! But … this one is pretty darn cool! Black and polished nickel … it’s modern, hip, and functional. I was advised to select ceiling fans over stylish chandeliers when it comes to a beach house. I put my mind to the task and found some cool ones from one of my preferred vendors, Emerson. Our darling and talented friend, Paul, was the installer and highly recommends them for ease and function.

I selected art that had a coastal vibe for at least part of every room, but this one houses several of my very favorites! If you love them as much as I do, give my home store a call and we can place an order.



As I began to collect art for our beach project, I had a basic idea of where each one would work.  As we actually laid out each room, however, some of those visions changed. This art wall also has a window with a pair of the most perfect boho draperies, and that determined where the art would be placed. I laid the art out on the king bed and then we hung the draperies to make sure that my placement would be just perfect.

You can see those darling drapery side panels in this photo. Textural, perfectly paired to the room and a great value—these were the perfect fit for this room. I did splurge a bit on the tasseled throw at the end of the bed. It is sold as machine washable, so I’ll give you my review when that happens!

As Linda and I worked on the layout, one of the changes we made was to use the black sculptural starburst in a layering effect with the art instead of by itself. Genius! The black and white swimmers with fins, as well as the bathing beauties in hats, are serious loves for me and I was pleased with the outcome. I think I could relax in this second master suite with king bed just fine.



This view spotlights several other favorite aspects of the design—paper mache wall art above the bed, rug, headboard and side tables. I kept it pure as far as the palette, but added a pop of color on the bedside table to tie it into the coral ensuite bathroom for this room. The rug is soft and comfy underfoot, and the bedside tables provide just the perfect spot to stash a tablet or book. Once again, the rug is a performance rug made to withstand high traffic, yet it feels like luxury and #purestyle. Love.

These lamps are just about the perfect scale for this room. When selecting lamps, try to make sure they are not the same height as the headboard. The headboard here is an unusually high one, and these strong contrasting buffet lamps are the perfect accent for both the headboard, bedside tables and art. The dimensional wall hangings in cream paper mache (three sizes) were a breeze to install. My trick for these was cream-colored paneling nails. They are long, yet slim, and blended right into the art pieces. Take note how they overlap both the bed frame as well as select sizes of each other. Having the feeling of some kind of sea coral was a plus!



On the wall opposite the swimmer art, I choose another cool boho piece of art in this hand-woven wall hanging. Also, note the previously mentioned painted doors throughout—Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray in semi-gloss. Contrasting painted doors throughout a home have been a signature of my #ohsosusan style for most of my career and I’ve converted many! The high performance solid vinyl flooring speaks to practicality and beauty. I highly recommend them for beach properties to withstand water and sand. And, they feel good on bare feet!



Here’s a a great look at the three-paneled bed. A complete bed is so stylish right now, avoiding the need for a bed skirt. It’s a clean, easy look. So practical and stylishly easy. This photo sings of textural elements both in the pillows, foot throw and wall art. With a solid palette of black and cream, texture becomes very important to the room design.



The ensuite to this second master was selected to give a pop of color to a neutral, strong-contrast room. Coral walls and ceiling, with accents of black and cream to steal a note from the companion bedroom. And oh! That mirror! Yes, Black-eyed Susan again. I guess it only makes sense that every detail was specified from my vendor resources. When I had a difficult time finding the perfect fabric for the shower curtain, I turned to the fabrics from Vanguard Furniture. Did you know you can order any of their fabrics by the yard if you want to use them for pillows, bedding, draperies, or, in this case—the shower curtain! This fabric is the absolute perfect tie-in to the boho bedroom just through the door. Black sputnik orbs with gold tips add interest, along with a wall pocket to tuck a few succulents into.



Even small walls need a little art accent! Note: hang art high enough above towel hooks or bars so it doesn’t interfere with function. Above the flamingo watercolor, I chose a ceramic flower in just the right color. The contractor’s custom trim package really added interest to each room, like this trim with a modern touch and a Shaker influence.  Larger-scale moldings throughout the home greatly enhanced the custom feel of each room.



I’ll end this post with a peek—reflected in the mirror, these unusual little magnetic wall pockets! I’m sure they were intended for someone’s posting board, but we got the idea they could be mounted on the wall. After searching for magnetic tape, we easily found it at Lowe’s hardware store (oh, believe me, we became very, very good friends within the 10 days of this installation project!). Using the deep, flat ledge of the door frame, we rested the tiny succulent pockets on the it for a little extra insurance. Perfection for the finishing touch of this bathroom.

Well, there’s a few other rooms to come, so my next “night shift” post will be coming soon! I’m loving sharing my home with you and giving you a vision to use as your own … or, call my office for an inspirational consultation of your own. Beach life could be calling your name too.