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best chandelier finds

Just like everything else in the home fashion world, chandeliers have current trends. Of course, that vintage solid brass 12-arm chandelier, laden with lead crystal spears or drops will always have a place in even the most modern room! That being said, the most current chandeliers have some of these features.

natural crystals

Natural crystals and stones are showing up all over the industry. While shopping for a unique statement for several areas in a posh NYC high rise apartment, I came across these beauties that fall into that category. Take a look and tell me what you think!

This striking chandelier will grace the formal foyer. Wow! It’s pretty much a one-of-a-kind piece. I’ll post a photo once we install it for some drama you will love.

Behind this one, you can see another multi-arm chandelier with shades made from these natural crystals. Nature’s #purestyle!


Another vendor introduced these similar three-tiered pendents. Picture these in master bathrooms, master bedrooms, or even a glamorous closets. How about a powder room? Whether you find a home for this in a rear hallway or one of the above suggestions, it’s sure to be a favorite and one to cherish for years to come. These are very much a new interpretation of the old wedding cake style that can be found in many historic collections and settings.


Here we have yet another style dressed in crystal drops. Note that the arms are branches…dripping with crystals in assorted lengths and shapes. Very much an art piece, available in one moderate size (approx. 23″ diameter) and one extra large (with a 50″ diameter). These are hand crafted and provide a striking work of art, worthy of the finest penthouse, beach house, or organic chic dining room setting.


Orbs continue to be among the favorite chandelier shapes. Our preferred vendors are introducing more unusual shapes and pairing glass or acrylic with mixed metals. This unique one has the crystal feature as well! For a guest room or powder room with gold accents, this would be spectacular!


This retro-inspired style combines the very current gold finish with poured glass rods. I remember the first time I saw this at market several years ago … I was intrigued, but wasn’t ready to put it on my must-have list! It took me about two years to fully embrace it and now, it’s a consideration for several projects, including my own new guest room! I did decide against the master bathroom just for the cleaning headache. But I can honestly say, it’s on the top of my must-have list now! It’s also available in polished nickel. If you have a place to use it, I’d be happy to oblige!


Bubbles, baubles, and clear globes of all kinds are showing up in almost every manufacturer’s collection. This was one of the most recent introductions I spotted while doing some custom shopping for a client on my last Market trip. So much to love! Gray globes, spiral blown globes, and assorted sized globes, all perfectly clustered.

To wrap up my top favorites list, I’ll give you a glance at the oversized pendents I recently hung in my own new kitchen!

I’ve been a fan of chandeliers my entire career! I never miss an opportunity to add a ceiling junction box to every rooms in the house. That way, you can always add a a chandelier or pendant as a striking piece of jewelry to the room.

Turn the light on for style with your own chandelier pick. Stylish lighting is inspiring, personal and at the top of any design must-have list in my book. I’d love to hear about your favorite!