The accessory house call is one of Black-eyed Susan’s most renowned services. This one will be life-changing!  Specialties include library bookcases and gallery wall displays. Our personal shopping home decor service is always included as part of our final installation for custom interior design for the finishing touch you’ve always wanted! Instant style awaits.

Call us at 215.794.1800 to schedule your consultation or Meet A Designer!

how it works

our team will come to your home, take photos and measurements, and make a plan to complete your existing design with lamps, mirrors, art, floral accents and tabletop decor. We incorporate any favorite pieces you already own!


what you get

the accessory house call brings you a stunning personalized space for any room, all with home decor. we bring you instant gratification when it comes to style!



“I hired Juliana from the Black-eyed Susan team to re-accessorize my home. They did a FABULOUS job and have such wonderful taste! From picking out paint colors, fabrics and shopping with them for accessories in the gorgeous store – it was a wonderful experience! They were so easy to work with, great listeners and understood my vision very well. I plan to use them again for a master bedroom project.”

M. Bennett, Accessory Call

holiday accessory house calls

#falalalafabulous holiday design is also available with our accessory house calls. we can use the Christmas decorations you have or take care of purchasing holiday home accessories, from Christmas trees to fresh outdoor greens, stairway garlands and ornament collections, right at our home store.

home decor shopper

we see clients on a mission for affordable luxury design drive to the store, buy what’s on sale, bring it home … and find out that nothing works together. our personal home decor shopping service saves you time and money! your personal home decor shopper will complete the decor for any room by selecting and placing pieces that bring the “wow” to your space.